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Posted Dec 6, 2022 19:13 by anonymous

I recently posted a true story about my wife, the Landlady who put out in a tenants apartment and got what she was looking for ...the chance to live her fantasy of being a Slut.....from being a conser Read more

Posted Dec 4, 2022 05:15 by anonymous

with 320,000 in the bank and a great chance of doubling in as the dicks left were few and two of them i knew i could guess.After much fanfare and commercial interruption, i was on my knees waiting for Read more

Posted Nov 25, 2022 03:29 by anonymous

Now it starts getting serious. i decided with 3 gimmies left to risk my small 80,000.00 fortune and try my luck.We went live after break and I smiled at the camera, scratched the died come on my chin Read more

Posted Nov 23, 2022 07:08 by anonymous

Visions of the small fortune I was earning danced in my head as I took the first three or four super thick inches of number tens forty thousand dollar cock. Knowing I don't win until he comes, I s Read more

Posted Nov 22, 2022 14:24 by anonymous

I left off as the first dick popped thru the opening and twitched throbbed hard as a rock and much bigger than any flaccid cock i had seen backstage.Did I mention that we, the contestants were allowed Read more

Posted Nov 22, 2022 12:08 by anonymous

Wow what an outrageous new cable T.V. game show. Kind of a spoof on who wants to be a millionaire, with a slight twist. Instead of general knowledge and trivia questions, you advance levels and double Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 09:13 by anonymous

Last weekend my niece came over and told me that she was pregnant with our baby. We have been having sex every weekend. We started keeping track of her menstrual cycle, so we could have a baby. Loo Read more

Posted Sep 14, 2022 18:44 by anonymous

I am almost 13 and my dad paddled me like half an hour ago. This has never happened to me before and my butt is killing me. I cant stop crying and my friend is here and seen everything. But she is in Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 05:24 by anonymous

I have no clue how to even beging this. I don't feel like I belong anywhere and I feel like the world is becomming Stranger around me by the Minute. I am not Sure if I can ceep up my studiyng up to ev Read more
I have to watch my 2yr old,brother alot, and whenever i change his,diaper i get to fool around with his thingy. Last night i had him laying on the kitcjen table changing him , and i decided to look a Read more


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