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We've been married for 18 years and she knows I'm bi, but still it felt emasculating being ordered around by another man and having him face fuck me. I came without touching myself while he th Read more

Posted Dec 4, 2022 08:58 by anonymous

I would like to know people's rape/ incest fantasies. Mine are getting my spouse/partner gang raped Incest rape, especially involving little sister or daughter, even mom to some extent. A Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 04:11 by anonymous

Since I've moved to college and living in a dorm, I realised what life would feel like without her but confessing all this to anyone feels like it's a sign of a weak person. I mean I'm an emotional pe Read more

Posted Dec 4, 2022 20:41 by anonymous

I confessed to my Mom that I wanted to spank her. At first she said that was something I should never say or tell anyone about having those kind of thoughts. I ask her if that ment she would let me do Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 04:41 by anonymous

I send exposing photos of myself to my father-in-law in return for oxycodone. He has seen hundreds of of me and he promised he deleted them as soon as he has viewed them. I have tried to stop and he e Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 03:24 by anonymous

OH GOD I FUCKED UP!! I was walking through the train station and this man besides me was starring at me crazy so I started starring right back at him cuz wth is he looking at!! I finally get home and Read more

Posted Nov 8, 2022 11:43 by anonymous

I go out with my friend most Friday nights and we pick up young hunks who we never see again. Having a young, hard cock penetrate me makes me cum so hard. And I feel so powerful when I come home to my Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 07:00 by anonymous

Bro I was dreaming and I could’ve sworn I was in a dream state at first but there was a part of it where I suddenly became conscious and asked what time it was because I remember seeing that on a ti Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 04:10 by anonymous

I love to sneak my 12 y.o. daughter panties and wank with them, just the smell of her freh pussy makes me cum instantly!! Some times I cum on her toothbrush, thinlking that she will put my cum in he Read more

Posted Nov 18, 2022 06:49 by anonymous

The first time I fkd a married woman was in high school. I was 18 and my science teacher was a sexy latina. She was actually married to another teacher at the time who worked at my highschool. No, I d Read more


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