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Posted Jul 30, 2021 13:56 by anonymous

I am a 31 year old woman. I've never been married and want that really badly. I would love to start a family. I am currently engaged to a a 34 year old man and he said he is ready to start a famil Read more

Posted Jul 19, 2021 15:03 by anonymous

When we got everything into her new apartment she asked me if I wanted to help her break it in. I asked what she meant and she just smiled. She asked me to help her put her bed together then she too Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 10:03 by Dirty daddy

Its been over a month since the wife and I had sex. Not on my behalf but hers. Last week I asked her to take a shower because I wanted to feast on her pussy and ass. I told her I wanted to lick her as Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 10:48 by anonymous

I can't sugar coat this.... there isn't a way to say this nicely, I'm not a victim, not this time. I cheated on my boyfriend of 5 years with my boss, not just once, several times. It&# Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 10:36 by anonymous

I'd like to start off by saying I'm happy with how I look. I've always had guys have crushes on me, I exercise take care of myself and I do feel confident. I was born with naturally big br Read more

Posted Jul 30, 2021 11:29 by anonymous

So at the company xmas party in '19 this guy I didn't really know was chatting up my wife. like the next day. hes like, "hey bro hows it going?" and talking to me all the time and shit." so he Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 10:45 by anonymous

I'm a student and work part-time.I live in Asia. I'm not able to cover part of my semester fees as i couldn't earn much due to lockdowns. My semester fees are due this week. If i can't cover my fees i Read more

Posted Jul 30, 2021 16:19 by anonymous

I am married with 2 kids. My big secret is that I am an anal freak. My husband knows but he dont know how bad I am. I wear a butt plug all the time. I love it in my ass more than I can explain. I chea Read more

Posted Jul 31, 2021 01:58 by anonymous

My son is 29 and I am 58 I still have quite a good body for my age and I do have big boobs. I feel filthy because of this but I think that’s also why I’m turned on so much but I was having a catch Read more
White Men Should Pay A 20% Surcharge On Their Taxes To Pay For Reparations For African Americans, which will go a long way in healing this nation and punish those responsible for the crime of slavery. Read more


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