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Posted Dec 7, 2022 03:24 by anonymous

OH GOD I FUCKED UP!! I was walking through the train station and this man besides me was starring at me crazy so I started starring right back at him cuz wth is he looking at!! I finally get home and Read more

Posted Nov 8, 2022 11:43 by anonymous

I go out with my friend most Friday nights and we pick up young hunks who we never see again. Having a young, hard cock penetrate me makes me cum so hard. And I feel so powerful when I come home to my Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 07:00 by anonymous

Bro I was dreaming and I could’ve sworn I was in a dream state at first but there was a part of it where I suddenly became conscious and asked what time it was because I remember seeing that on a ti Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 04:10 by anonymous

I love to sneak my 12 y.o. daughter panties and wank with them, just the smell of her freh pussy makes me cum instantly!! Some times I cum on her toothbrush, thinlking that she will put my cum in he Read more

Posted Nov 18, 2022 06:49 by anonymous

The first time I fkd a married woman was in high school. I was 18 and my science teacher was a sexy latina. She was actually married to another teacher at the time who worked at my highschool. No, I d Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 17:11 by anonymous

This happened yesterday around lunchtime I was just getting out of the shower and had dried off before going to get dressed but when I got upstairs I noticed the lights for the Christmas tree was off Read more

Posted Dec 4, 2022 17:52 by anonymous

Who else enjoys putting there nursing baby on there clit. I have twins I usually have one on my clit while the other nurses. Breastfeeding makes me extremely horny. Read more
For anyone who wants to know the long story, please go to my page. Long story short, I (23F) walked in on my now ex boyfriend(24 M) K sleeping with his long time friend Elly(25F) in our bed. I was de Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 04:44 by anonymous

I work the overnight shift at a deli, and for the last month they have cut my hours to 20 a week, 22.5 if you factor in my mandatory lunch break. And they have me scheduled five nights a week, so it's Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 04:53 by anonymous

I’ve been having the strangest fantasies lately about him. He’s into sports and looks buff. I see his dick print in his shorts when we’re around the house. I fuck myself at night and get off so Read more


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