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Posted Jul 12, 2020 03:29 by anonymous

I’m a divorced 37 year old woman I’ve been fucking a 13 year old boy who lives in my neighborhood for about 6 months He has incredible stamina and never goes soft. When he comes he just keeps p Read more
This is exactly what our society does to criminals, dole out three hots and a cot behind bars. It is nothing more than prisons for animals and has been unnecessary since the invention of photography a Read more
this probably needed to happen. I mean think about it it mostly only kills old white people age 50+ and most of them are his supporters because he's encouraging them not to wear masks or listen t Read more

Posted Jul 14, 2020 23:37 by anonymous

My wife and I are looking for a black man with a big dick to fuck her while I watch. We prefer that you live somewhere in the Midwest or the Las Vegas area. Read more

Posted May 12, 2020 17:53 by anonymous

When I was a teenager, this older man I knew talked me into coming over to his house to help him move some things in his garage. After helping him for a while, he invited me inside his house for som Read more

Posted Nov 13, 2019 00:40 by anonymous

Do any dads out there take their hard cock out and play with around their baby girl. Can't help but doing it when changing daipers and stuff but never would do anything to her I'll stop when s Read more

Posted Jul 15, 2020 00:03 by rios.bran (not verified)

Some of my ex-gfs have been abused when they were young. When i get them filled with alcohol I like to ask them questions as I pound them with my D. Read more

Posted Jul 15, 2020 02:51 by anonymous

I have a Mexican for a neighbor. We talk all the time, cool guy, cool family. My wife hates them. She's a hateful bitch anyway. She doesn't hate them for being Mexican, she hates them because Read more

Posted Jul 14, 2020 23:56 by anonymous

My mom is called stupid by her family members at work because she’s the only one who believes in the virus, wears a mask in public, and doesn’t go eat out with them at lunch. I feel really bad for Read more

Posted Jul 15, 2020 00:35 by anonymous

So today I turned another year older. Overall today was kinda just meh. Woke up, had a boring morning, went to work, had a busy but boring day, came home to a nice dinner from the wife (Highlight of t Read more


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