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Posted Jul 3, 2022 19:14 by anonymous

I want my uncle to use me anyway he sees fit. Just the thought of him pinning me down forcing himself on me gets me so wet. I want to look into his eyes while I’m on my knees licking and kissing his Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 19:48 by anonymous

My son is 9 and broke his arm, so I have been helping him change his clothes. Of course, I get to see all of him, and I was a little shocked to see that his penis is already like 6" flaccid and he has Read more
What is it about these worthless Democrats? They’re in charge of these different branches of the government but never willing to take responsibility for anything. It’s either climate change, or Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 15:34 by anonymous

I had a cute little girl in my 8th grade science class. She has a crush on me. I met her single mother on parent/teacher night. The girl introduce me to her mom as her favorite teacher. I have been on Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 17:22 by anonymous

All you poor brainwashed saps are wasting your lives waiting for an imaginary zombie to come save you from your own bad choices....all the while, people more intelligent than you are raking in control Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 17:42 by anonymous

Is so dumb ,when they were handing out brains ,he thought they said rains and hid is his basement . Really he wants to blame the gas stations now ? You can't get any dumb Read more

Posted Jul 2, 2022 23:01 by anonymous

What a Communist shithole! I am so glad that I sold my house and I am leaving this shithole forever! Florida bound and back to my roots! Fucking faggot ass DemoCraps can kiss my Star Spangled Bannered Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 19:17 by anonymous

Everyone I have conversations with recently doesn’t listen to me, talks over me, talks at me, interrupts me, or (I’m not kidding) doesn’t respond to me talking. I’m not having fun no matter Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 19:33 by anonymous

sexual advantage of my drunk 12yo sister. I get her drunk alot!! Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 19:41 by anonymous

Look at all the blacks pretending that they're outraged and the only thing to make them feel better is money. Meanwhile it's not even July 4th and there were 9 black murders in Chicago since Friday Read more


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