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Posted Sep 28, 2021 13:47 by anonymous

it’s hard you know? you have a lot of reasons to be happy. but you can’t. because that goddamn thoughts never leave you. i can’t get rid of them. for months, i’m tired of having an ache in my Read more
I am a 50+yo Headmistress a Church goer and a mother, and outwardly I am dull, normal and predictable. Last year with my siblings we nursed my Father through a serious illness which left him requiring Read more

Posted Dec 15, 2017 08:29 by anonymous

I'm 26 and married 14 months. I travel for my company and one afternoon the weather was so bad (snow) I stopped and got a room. I lucked out the people behind me got the last room. I went into th Read more

Posted Jan 26, 2019 18:35 by anonymous

Im in love with my step sister and im older than her but she keeps telling me she misses me and wants to see me.. when she was 10 i wanted to fuck her at disney land and make her first time special . Read more

Posted Sep 28, 2021 13:57 by anonymous

I have hidden cameras in my home in all of the common areas of my home in case of a break in. I did not let my girlfriend know this. There are none in the bedrooms or bathrooms as those are considere Read more

Posted Sep 28, 2021 15:06 by anonymous

So, I am american 40 male married 10 years 2 kids under 5. Decently nice marriage, but i am not really happy with it. In Februaury 2021 i met a russian girl online on a streaming site. She doesnt kn Read more

Posted Sep 28, 2021 14:42 by muffin (not verified)

and I feel a lot of anxiety because I'm being moved out of my apartment to a motel for the night with my cat so it can be flea fogged. Read more

Posted Sep 27, 2021 12:33 by anonymous

Tell me about the first time you had a same sex encounter. How old were you? How did it happen? Did it continue? I want to see if anyone is going through the same situation as myself Read more

Posted Sep 28, 2021 15:00 by anonymous

My Snapchat feed is flooded with unwanted teenage girls posing in provocative poses, or clickbait titles with sexual innuendos. My Instagram shorts routinely overwhelmed with unwarranted sexualized sh Read more
People assume this because I am a white male. Yet, what people don’t realize is that I have been discriminated against a lot in the past, for having Asperger’s, in the workplace and elsewhere. Read more


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