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Posted Aug 2, 2021 09:06 by anonymous

I have been working at retail clothes shop for almost 2 months now and I encountered my first Karen today. She walked in the store with 5 clothes to return. We have an exchange policy at store but we Read more
I don’t know if this is the right place for this but I just am so annoyed at the world right now. Like you’re constantly hearing opinions about trans people without anyone talking to an actually t Read more

Posted Oct 11, 2020 23:31 by anonymous

It's obvious, just by looking at him, that he Jew. His entire phenotype screams "OY VEY!". He was originally Anton Faustenberg, a Jew born in Vienna, Austria, but he changed his name to "Tony Fauci" a Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 08:14 by anonymous

Over the past couple of months whenever I’ve been to my aunts house I’ve been asking to go to the bathroom and when I’m in there I find her panties and bra and jerkoff and Cum all over them and Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 08:27 by anonymous

I was at a friend's apartment when I saw the hood of my car up and someone under it. I asked him if he had a hammer, he handed me one, I went out with hammer in my back and asked him if he needed Read more

Posted Jul 30, 2021 23:53 by anonymous

Question for all the dick suckers m or f, how many of you out here love to savor the flavor and play with the cum in your mouth making sure it covers every tastebud on your tongue befor swallowing or Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 08:04 by anonymous

I’m financially stable, I have a good career, I exercise, I have great friends and family, I travel regularly for pleasure (well, before covid), I have several hobbies, I basically can do everything Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 08:35 by anonymous

I posted this the other day but not many people saw it so I'm reposting it hoping more people will see it. I'm a male who like wearing girls underwear so basically one day I got curious and I went int Read more

Posted Dec 15, 2016 10:48 by anonymous

I'm 40 now and my deflowering days are behind me but in my teenage and early twenties I was in good shape, super confident and very successful with girls. I fucked in all 7 virgin girls, 3 with Read more

Posted Dec 13, 2020 09:39 by Saxetbymale

You know, ones like us who are primarily or only interested in the cock. Living married, secret Bi sex freak lives who love sucking and getting sucked. If it’s mostly or all about the cock only, whi Read more


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