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Posted Oct 18, 2022 00:57 by anonymous

This is for Leah my beautiful friend and single mom of a beautiful little baby boy mason. Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 02:44 by anonymous

Im never doing it. Spend all my years spending all my money on someone that just sat on hella dick before me, up until it was my turn but im different because she felt something with me. We hit the "i Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 22:54 by anonymous

But he behaves like an uppitty wooley headed whipper stepper who needs to remember his place and mind his manners Read more
She has beautiful shaped C cup tits with large areolas. It gets me off that she loves showing them off. Read more
I think that the recent creation of ai art is another testimony to this. I want to first say that ai art is not all horrible, it can be done well however the way that people are using it now is simply Read more

Posted Feb 2, 2016 09:27 by anonymous

if she ever found out that her husband has sucked more guys than she has. By a lot. And as far as I know unlike me she has never had a cock up her ass either Read more

Posted Sep 9, 2021 13:49 by anonymous

I have been staying at my boyfriends as it’s closer to college, lately I’ve been noticing the crutch of my knickers in the laundry was wet, it happened so often that I became suspicious of my boyf Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 03:44 by anonymous

I recently got married to my girlfriend of 3 years like most relationships it’s been a rollercoaster with more lows than highs. We got married in Vegas in August she pushed for it I’m not traditio Read more
My younger brother is severely autistic and has very rudimentary verbal skills. Sometimes when I had to babysit him when my parents left the house, if he had a tantrum or wouldn't be quiet, sometimes Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 15:33 by anonymous

I'm a 38 married male and i secretly own a 11 inch pink silicone dildo with a suction cup at the base. When I shower i love to take out my toy out of hiding, lube it up, stick it to the shower wal Read more


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