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Random Confessions & Stories

Posted Sep 8, 2019 20:20 by anonymous

I regret little in my life as each experience makes you stronger. But. You i regret fully. Not just living with you, but, dating you. I regret ever meeting you those years ago and look forward to Read more

Posted Sep 8, 2019 20:20 by anonymous

I absolutely have no freaking idea why you chose to do that but okay. I respect. Six years of friendship down the drain just because I said your 'bf' was a piece of shit for ghosting you. Guess I was Read more
Your playing games and trying to distract me. For months you have talked shit behind my back, said nasty negative comments about me and my personal life, tried to get rid of me and manipulate my way o Read more

Posted Sep 8, 2019 20:22 by anonymous

My boyfriend isn’t going with and I feel homesick already. I just want to be with him no matter where I go. The trip is also to europe and it’s quite a distance. Won’t be seeing him for 3 month Read more

Posted Sep 8, 2019 20:22 by anonymous

So Ive been in medical school for the last five years and Its had many ups and downs. along the road Ive realized that Im not really sure if this is what I want to do. Ive never really put in an effor Read more

Posted Sep 8, 2019 20:22 by anonymous

Although I know that there are many people out there that have many worse things going on with their life, I had to write these letter. To try and make myself feel a little relieved from this pressure Read more

Posted Sep 8, 2019 20:26 by anonymous

Because I miss all the sex between paid jobs. I fucked a guy in a men's hostel communal bathroom after a job. A guy in a hotel elevator before a job. A dude at an AA meeting. And I used to fuck m Read more
when i was about 13, i had really terrible insecurity about my teeth, so one day i got sick of it and took a nail file and tried to file my own teeth, resulting in me chipping them and ending up looki Read more

Posted Sep 8, 2019 20:32 by anonymous

Is there any girls that are in need of money right now if so hit me up on here. Read more
I (24F) have been "talking to" someone for a while now that despite not yet defining anything, has treated me better than anyone ever has. The longer this goes on, the more my eyes open, and the more Read more


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