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Posted Feb 26, 2022 16:17 by anonymous

This is going to sound really dumb but it’s been actually really eating me up the past few hours. Agreed to watch a family members dog for a few hours today. Never had a dog growing up or owned on Read more

Posted Feb 26, 2022 16:18 by anonymous

Today it was a pickle jar. Does anyone else have this strong desire to smash a glass jar open when you can’t get the lid off? I can see myself lifting the jar and then smashing it on something, t Read more

Posted Feb 26, 2022 16:19 by anonymous

I was at neighbours house and was using their toilet just so I can take their toothbrushes and stuck it in my ass so I can come here and get many likes from you all. Does anyone does something similia Read more

Posted Feb 26, 2022 16:20 by anonymous

My friend says, maybe it's time for a new start? He reminds me that the castle was alive, and just like me has the power to rebuild itself. I love the positivity of that statement. It's ve Read more

Posted Feb 26, 2022 16:20 by anonymous

I am 21m and have no love life no one woman,man,non binary person has even spared me a passing glance I have tried every dating app udder the Sun and had been met with ghosts or for the rare times I Read more

Posted Feb 26, 2022 16:20 by anonymous

Hey, Im just very concerned. Whenever I look at my penis in person it doesn't seem the size it is ( 6 inches ) But whenever I measure it it seems normal. It also happens when I look in the mirror it s Read more

Posted Feb 26, 2022 16:21 by anonymous

Time is never more than essence, Time is never in my presence Time is nothing beside a confection I passed these rhymes to convey the Immortal imperfection. A roadway shaped like a pitchfork A dec Read more

Posted Feb 26, 2022 16:21 by anonymous

I go out of my way to avoid having to see anyone (specifically my family). I try to listen for their footsteps and know when they are about to come into a room so I can go away before they see me. I c Read more

Posted Feb 26, 2022 16:22 by anonymous

I’m a 31 transguy, not on hormonal birth control, have my reproductive parts, and am paused on HRT. I have been using fertility awareness to know when not to slip up, using spermicide incase anythi Read more

Posted Feb 26, 2022 16:22 by anonymous

I remember in the beginning of the pandemic, I went out of my way to check on others, especially those like myself who spend a lot of time alone. I checked on those I loved and those I genuinely care Read more


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