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My boyfriend has done weed around 5-6 times. I joined him a couple of times but I just don’t really get the point. He says he does it because it makes him feel happy, and that just makes me feel lik Read more

Posted Jan 1, 2019 18:52 by anonymous

My husband wants to lick me down there but doesnt want me to shower beforehand he says he likes the natural taste and smell whats you guys opinions on this please .do u prefer un showered pussy or sho Read more

Posted Jan 1, 2019 18:52 by anonymous

They walk around since of Entitlements calling everybody racist over a McDonald's Big Mac because EBT card maxed out. They even called working blacks Uncle Tom. Anyone please explain this Read more
Girlfriend dumped me just before Thanksgiving and she didn't like me or want me before that anyway. Spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, and NYE alone. First two sitting in my apartment by myself. Third I Read more

Posted Jan 1, 2019 18:53 by anonymous

I’m trying to find my first job. I have no experiance, no volunteer work, no special training. All I have on my resume is my contact info, my high school, and soft skills plus public speaking. N Read more
Bit of back story my ex moved away for school mid 2017. I couldn't follow due to my own schooling and other local obligations and we split a little while later due to ldrs being tough. It was a clean Read more

Posted Jan 1, 2019 18:53 by anonymous

I was tge last one awake last night. After a while & cple drinks i started rubbin my cock. Sittin there i stsrted goin faster. I was hard as rock when i heard a sigh. I opened my eyes & my mom was wat Read more

Posted Jan 1, 2019 18:55 by anonymous

i legitimately have no friends. i have no social media whatsoever, just this (anonymous) and snapchat to take pictures. my (19 f) boyfriend (18 m) is my best friend, but i'm currently blocked over an Read more

Posted Jan 1, 2019 18:56 by anonymous

I'm currently struggling with a codeine addiction , I've been taking painkillers for migraines / headaches since I was very young, atleast for the past 5 years and it's lead me here. My boyfriend i Read more

Posted Jan 1, 2019 18:56 by anonymous

My resolution is to try to go farther in my transition. Even if it is just bringing up to psychiatrist that i am a man. I cannot live like this is who i am anymore. If i die in the body of samantha th Read more


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