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Posted Jan 2, 2021 09:59 by anonymous

My boyfriend and I went to a concert one time. We were in the pit trying to push our way up to the stage when it was obvious we weren't moving any closer. My boyfriend was in front of me, it was h Read more

Posted Dec 31, 2020 08:52 by anonymous

After reading confessions about sons spooning against their moms butt I got turned on to the idea so I thought I would try to get him to spoon against me and see what happened. I had showered was dres Read more

Posted Dec 24, 2020 21:52 by anonymous

Talking to a friend in Seattle, he said his cousin died from Covid. I asked what happened, he said he had chest congestion and a cough, no fever, went to his doctor and the doctor told him its Covid a Read more

Posted Jan 23, 2021 10:07 by anonymous

Fun fact about me... My real name is Fart Fong, some one said my name remember a human gas. My work is wrote as many anti Trump post inside this psyco hospital. Every 10 anti Trump post i wrote, my ma Read more

Posted Jan 10, 2021 07:34 by anonymous

I (female) was 16 when this true story happened. My mom and stepdad had been married for about 8 years.. he has always been a really nice guy to us. It wasn't until I was 15, that my friend made a Read more

Posted Dec 26, 2020 09:05 by anonymous

VOTER FRAUD IS NOT A FACT, IT IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY !!! America welcome to the Delusional Diva Don and the ReTrumplicans freak show!! Where ReTrumplicans will look you in the eye and knowingly Read more

Posted Jan 16, 2021 08:47 by anonymous

My wife is pregnant. She never took birth control pills because I'm sterile. I thought we had a pretty good marriage but I guess not. She told me she wants to keep the baby but she wants to kee Read more

Posted Jun 16, 2020 18:22 by anonymous

I wish there was a BS filter to filter out the made up confessions. This is an attempt to collect real personal stories. Please restrain from posting BS on this thread. Female here. When I was a Read more

Posted Jan 3, 2021 13:08 by anonymous

I work at a suit and tie store, my manager is a good looking, married guy, 47 I think. I’m 19 male and work there part time, full time student. He was in a ladder, I was handing him boxes of shoes t Read more

Posted Jan 6, 2021 16:11 by anonymous

I'm 23 and living with my dad. He and mom divorced years ago after he caught her cheating and I decided to stay with him. This morning I got up late and stepped into the bathroom to pee. Dad w Read more


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