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Long story short, I was at a house party and got really drunk. At some point I remember a few guys taking me to a bedroom before I passed out, only wake up feeling one of them fucking me in the ass wh Read more

Posted Sep 28, 2021 14:47 by anonymous

My husband has a fantasy for me to have sex with another man. He says he doesn't need to watch, but I must let the man cum in me bareback. I'm not sue if I want to do this or not, so I'm t Read more

Posted Sep 19, 2021 14:36 by anonymous

My wife and I live in Chicago and we had a new neighbor two houses down. She was a young girl with a baby daughter about a year and a half old. We asked why she was living on her own and her story s Read more

Posted Nov 6, 2020 12:30 by anonymous

I'd like to think of myself as a normal guy. Dated different women. Im married now. I have kids. But in my life when I was a teen my sister and I used to fuck/make love. I think we were both just Read more

Posted Oct 2, 2021 01:12 by anonymous

I worked the night shift, my wife didn't work. I'd sleep all day and she'd sleep most of the day and I was thinking "how can she sleep all night and all day." A coworker told me she's Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2021 11:10 by anonymous

My stepdaughter was out late at fourteen years old. I laid the law down she is to be in by 9pm. At first I said she couldn't date but her mom said she could. She ignored me and was getting home a Read more

Posted Sep 30, 2021 13:52 by anonymous

My husband, who is 56 years old, was in the shower. I went into the bathroom to get one and he was standing there under the water masturbating, eyes shut and stroking. At first I was thinking, well Read more

Posted May 31, 2021 08:23 by anonymous

I'm 22 SM & do love vaginal sex but when I was in HS at 18, I let a fag suck my cock in the lockers after football practice. That same dude lives close to me now & even with my GF who lives with m Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2021 09:10 by anonymous

I dated the same gal for a year. We had sex and we seemed to get along well so I was hoping she was the one but we had never spent a night together. It took just one night for me to change my mind a Read more

Posted Oct 8, 2021 00:09 by anonymous

A couple months ago my sister got me a bag of magic mushrooms for my birthday. I'm 56 and she's 49. She is recently divorced and I'm separated. We took the mushrooms at her apt. We tripped Read more


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