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Think I'm kidding? Then go for it and see what happens. Any stories on incest or underage children (anyone under 18) will be prosecuted under the "Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2018." 5 years i Read more
It's been a year since I became the guardian and eventually adoptive father of my friend's daughter, who's 10 now. I know, unusual. I've known her almost her whole life and she's always been a great k Read more

Posted Mar 27, 2021 22:01 by anonymous

My mother was older and getting dementia. I hired a nice black lady to care for mother. She cared for my mother day and night. My mother would call Elsa in the middle of the might, Elsa would come sit Read more

Posted Apr 3, 2021 06:39 by anonymous

I'm 17 f. Last night I knew she was having a friend over but didn't know that she had two guy's .. Cutting things short around 1a.m. I could her something going on in the living room . As Read more

Posted Oct 25, 2017 15:33 by anonymous

As a 48 year old mother of a 22 year old daughter, this is the last place I ever thought I would find myself, but after reading several of these experiences, I knew this venue was a place I could let Read more

Posted Apr 7, 2021 01:57 by anonymous

My bedroom has a pass thru closet that connects to our bathroom. You can’t see the bathroom from the bedroom or vise versa. Sunday morning my wife left to go see her sister leaving me & my 14 year Read more

Posted Apr 9, 2021 21:58 by anonymous

I was 24 and my brother had just turned 21 when we took a road trip from LA to Austin, TX to attend a family reunion. It's about a 22 hour drive so we met at my place Thursday morning and drove ab Read more

Posted Mar 24, 2021 01:22 by anonymous

Let a homeless woman and her young daughter live in my finished garage one winter. They pretty much kept to themselves but I noticed when I would return home from work, this was before covid, The kitc Read more

Posted Mar 17, 2021 06:11 by anonymous

America cries out for Socialism. Read more

Posted Jun 16, 2020 18:22 by anonymous

I wish there was a BS filter to filter out the made up confessions. This is an attempt to collect real personal stories. Please restrain from posting BS on this thread. Female here. When I was a Read more


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