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Posted Jul 12, 2021 16:19 by anonymous

My mom and dad were drunks and drug addicts. I was placed in one foster home after another. My last foster parents were Mr and Mrs Kinmann. They were older, she was a disabled school teacher, he worke Read more

Posted Oct 19, 2014 21:31 by anonymous

My son is 22 and his wife is 20. About a year ago he asked if they could move in with me as my son had joined the military and he was shipping out to basic training and he wanted his wife and their ne Read more

Posted Jul 22, 2021 10:27 by anonymous

My sister sleeps in the father is painting the rooms so while her room was in a mess and being painted my sister slepped in my bed .. she had her back towards me and after an hour i placed Read more

Posted Aug 10, 2016 00:50 by anonymous

My name is Robin and I am a mother and wife. I remarried some years ago when my son was young and found that my new hubby was right into incest. Sometimes I'd by his mommy and sometimes he' Read more

Posted Jul 15, 2021 13:48 by anonymous

I was sitting in the park minding my business reading a book, and a very attractive young man walks up to me and says “what’s the first thing u think of when I ask u this question” and I was lik Read more

Posted Jul 26, 2021 20:14 by anonymous

I'm not going to go into all of the details other than to say that the subject of my bf fucking my mom came up. Actually, I brought it up several months ago as a 'what if' just to see what Read more

Posted Jul 20, 2020 15:27 by anonymous

Last weekend my wife and I were drinking pretty heavily. We were fooling around and things got kinky real quick witch is rare for her. She asked to be tied to the bed and told me to do as I wish with Read more

Posted Jul 25, 2021 17:52 by anonymous

My parents had their friends Rick and Nancy over. Their daughter Elise, who is my age (15), was over too. Rick happens to be my softball coach and Elise is on the team too, so we know each other reall Read more

Posted Oct 7, 2017 12:20 by anonymous

I started dating this women about 6 months ago. She's not in great shape, on the chubby side but has a beautiful face. She's also very sensual and sexual. We fucked on our second date. She' Read more

Posted Jul 20, 2021 00:38 by anonymous

I'm 39, divorced, and working to get back in shape. I'm not far from my goal weight of 132lbs, I'm 5'7" with 36DDD tits. This 4th July weekend. I sent my son and his friends to get a f Read more


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