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Posted Feb 19, 2022 22:24 by anonymous

I [18f] recently have accepted the fact that I am attracted to women just like I’m attracted to men. Before that, I saw the show YOU, and when the girl was humping the pillow my pussy started thro Read more

Posted Feb 7, 2023 02:23 by anonymous

They are so thin I can make out where her inner pussy lips and clit are when she is doing the right exercises. I want to put my hand on it so bad I nearly did it like a reflex action. Read more

Posted Feb 7, 2023 02:29 by anonymous

When they hit, like in turkey, one begins to ask is fictional gods exist or not. They begin to ask if all the bullshit stories they were told from other humans, not gods, were actually real or not. Read more

Posted Feb 6, 2023 02:08 by anonymous

I’m not Muslim whatsoever, but it’s like, “Oh my God, my hair is such a sexual part of my body, I must hide it” YOU DO NOT (AND SHOULD NOT) HAVE TO HIDE YOUR HAIR! Read more

Posted Feb 6, 2023 01:11 by anonymous

I have a hot redheaded girlfriend and she has a 9 yr old daughter and when we get all high on coke or meth she stats talking about how hot her youngest daughter is and I do think she's hot and if Read more

Posted Feb 2, 2023 18:55 by anonymous

I was outside and it was after dark, my daughter thought I was still at a party I went to so she found some guy on the internet who came over to fuck her. I stood outside her window and watched as he Read more

Posted Jan 10, 2021 07:34 by anonymous

I (female) was 16 when this true story happened. My mom and stepdad had been married for about 8 years.. he has always been a really nice guy to us. It wasn't until I was 15, that my friend made a Read more

Posted Feb 5, 2023 23:34 by anonymous

I grew up with immigrant parents. They were raised in an environment where if you were anything less than perfect you were considered to be a problem child and a waste of space. My dad always talked a Read more

Posted Feb 2, 2023 01:24 by anonymous

I'm an abortion doctor in a major US city. Probably 25% of my patients are teenage girls. Of those, half have been impregnated by family members. Cousins are most common, then uncles, then brother Read more

Posted Feb 6, 2023 04:34 by anonymous

I don't want a dirty old cunt like him winning at life when he has had too much already and needs to get lost and go find a chick younger and no one cares about him. and don't you ever again s Read more


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