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Posted Oct 14, 2016 17:37 by anonymous

It started about ten years into our marriage. He had been working out of town a lot and I was really bored and lonely. Not to mention our sex life had dwindled down to almost nothing. I didn't s Read more

Posted Oct 12, 2017 18:02 by anonymous

We agreed after fantasizing during sex about her getting two cocks. A night out and something new. We had a private bungalow. I had her best friend show up an hour later. All you could drink and s Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2017 14:05 by anonymous

my ex cheated on me and the same day we broke up i met up with two his friends and let them spitroast me Read more

Posted Oct 21, 2022 14:13 by anonymous

El día de ayer mi hija que tiene 15 años se fue de pinta(para los que no saben el significado, esto se refiere a que no entro a la escuela y se fue con sus amigas) se fueron a un centro comercial y Read more

Posted Dec 3, 2022 20:17 by anonymous

I (18f) grew up in a super strict environment. Now that I’m away at college I get to experience hookups. So far I’ve hooked up with 4 guys. I’m guessing the length of each of them was around 3.5 Read more

Posted Dec 2, 2022 18:31 by anonymous

I had sex with my mother ten or so years ago. She kept a blanket over herself from the waist up and over her face. That was the only way she’d do it and it was disappointing but I’ll never forget Read more

Posted Oct 3, 2022 10:43 by anonymous

55 YO male here. I've wondered for a while what it would be like to suck a cock. I've tasted my cum many times before and really like the taste. So much so that I lick it off my wife and Read more
About two weeks ago my husbands friend was over visiting we was all drinking and having a good time it was getting late and I was tired. I told my husbands I’m going to bed and went to my room layin Read more

Posted Jul 29, 2022 10:45 by anonymous

I received the first blowjob from a guy, in the theater at Romantix. Lots of guy guy open sexual behavior. After a couple more visits, a guy unzipped and presented his cock in my face. I took it li Read more

Posted Mar 30, 2018 15:49 by anonymous

back about 20 years ago, my sister and I were at home alone every day after school till about 6:30 when our parents got home. I could hear her often in her room masturbating and sometimes would sit q Read more


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