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Posted Mar 25, 2016 13:34 by anonymous

This is what happened and is entirely true.. I was recently let go from my company as it was downsized and stressed and strain asked my mom who was living alone if i could stay in her second bedro Read more

Posted Jan 28, 2018 17:21 by anonymous

I am divorced and 49 and have a voluptuous body. He is 30, happily married with kids. I always had an attraction to him. He was big and strong. I had seen him spying on me when I had sex when he w Read more

Posted Sep 13, 2020 16:08 by anonymous

Hello! I dont want 2 say my name lol. I am a 14yo f. I definitely developed over the past 2 yrs an get a lot more attention from boys. I like my body. Only thing I really am self conscious bout is my Read more

Posted Sep 4, 2020 18:25 by anonymous

F/42. My husband started traveling a lot in his work, leaving me home to deal with my loneliness and sexual needs. As the frustration grew I devised a plan. I have always had fantasies of sex with you Read more
The same dude who accuses the “angry OCD troll,” Of bullying Twister_autiegirl was bullying twister himself. And if u ppl haven’t figured that out you’re morons. Read more
It's sad that these people are so stupid that they can't even spell his name. At this point Joe is so far gone that he probably can't spell his name either. It's idiots voting for a Read more

Posted Sep 18, 2020 19:23 by anonymous

I had sex with my stepmom and I just cant stop thinking about her. My Dad works out of town and returns home every 4 months. He left last week and mommy's been a little flirty with me . I am Read more
i think i’ve always been a really filthy pervert. i remember masturbating at a very young age and used to do dirty things with my friends at sleepovers. I started watching porn young too- like 11 or Read more

Posted Sep 18, 2020 21:34 by anonymous

i don't have much else to say on the matter. i think i'm in shock. i can't cry, i can't speak. i'm heartbroken that Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. and now.... everything is on the line. gay marriag Read more

Posted Sep 16, 2020 11:54 by anonymous

She is ten. My wife died from a long bought with cancer two years ago. I went out to socialize and had a great evening with a wonderful woman. When I got home I told my daughter about her and she tho Read more


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