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Posted Jan 25, 2021 00:58 by anonymous

I remember that day well. I finished watching Tucker and Hannity, then I washed my MAGA hat, folded up my Trump flag, worshipped Satan, sang a song I wrote about Hitler, sent a tweet to Ted Cruz, scre Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 12:16 by anonymous

Who is this weirdo who keeps posting obviously fake confessions that are mocking peoples’ previous confessions? It’s obviously fake and this dude is obviously just mocking people when they post ab Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 13:20 by anonymous

It all started out innocently enough. I was setting on the side of the bed naked after taking a shower. My female dog came up to me and put her head between my legs and started licking my dick. I was Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2021 01:57 by anonymous

I’m 13 and my older brother who is 17 has been making me suck his dick. He wrestles with me and lays on top of me and pins me down and grinds into me. Then at night he will come into my room. He Read more
I am a widower with 2 children. My son is 23 and lives on his own, my daughter is 19 and still lives at home while she is in college. I was supposed to be gone on business until Tuesday of this week, Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 04:47 by anonymous

I’ve never really thought about little girls before, but I keep getting hard whenever I change my daughters diaper? My wife told me it’s normal, it’s just a human reaction to touching pussy rega Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 16:32 by anonymous

When we meet girls on dating sites, they should give us their complete sexual history up front, so we know what kind of girl we are getting involved with. Its a pain in the ass you go out with some Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2021 02:31 by anonymous

F19| My dad was never careful when it came to his dirty dvds so I was aware of sex at a really young age and developed a porn and masturbation addiction pretty quickly. I desperately looked for ways Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 17:36 by anonymous

I spent my entire life being told I would be just like my drug addict mom. I just finished high school early through a program and was the first person in my family to do so. Read more

Posted Dec 29, 2016 18:24 by anonymous

I had my wife replace the stripper that was a no show at my best friend's bachelor party two weeks ago with her entertaining so well she got another gig last weekend for a guy that was at the pa Read more


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