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My girlfriend confessed me her mom shared all sex toys with her and even assisted just to be sure she won't hurt herself riding dildos.I don't know is she just teasing me or it may be the trut Read more
I have to watch my 2yr old,brother alot, and whenever i change his,diaper i get to fool around with his thingy. Last night i had him laying on the kitcjen table changing him , and i decided to look a Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 17:57 by anonymous

Here's single mom of a teenage daughter and I'm arguing with her because she wants to borrow some of my sex toys and I think she's too young for a bigger toys I only have.What's the ap Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 20:06 by anonymous

I (23f) am constantly horny. I can't help it. Even if i just had sex I'm still horny. And before you say " you're just having bad sex" I am having the best sex I've ever had in my life but i think tha Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 22:22 by anonymous

I'm in no way religious at all, and I know that they are usually viewed as oppressive but I kinda wish I could wear one 24/7. They are really pretty and people wouldn't have to see my face or hair and Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 23:49 by anonymous

I got really horny and my vibrator is dead so I spread my legs and put coconut oil on my pussy ans my ass and I let my dog lick it and he licked my pussy for like 30 minutes and it felt great. 10/10 r Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 00:36 by anonymous

I’m 15 almost 16 but I’m always horny, I’ve had sex with two different people but last time I had sex was three weeks ago and I really just wanna be fucking pounded and feel someone’s dick go Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 04:10 by anonymous

I love to sneak my 12 y.o. daughter panties and wank with them, just the smell of her freh pussy makes me cum instantly!! Some times I cum on her toothbrush, thinlking that she will put my cum in he Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 06:44 by anonymous

I have been fantasizing about this for a really long time now. Im mid twenties, female, and about twenty minutes ago was the first time ive done anything with a dog. She is younger, a pitbull, and a Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 07:35 by anonymous

I need help and this is definitely not a made up story I’m 13 year old female and my brother is 20 he keeps coming on to me trying to touch me and even ask me to have sex with him I’m a virgin and Read more


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