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Posted Jul 2, 2022 19:15 by anonymous

A girl, aged about 12 and in braces, was playing with my granddaughter at the pool. She really hadn't starting developing much, But I noticed her long underarm hair. And couldn't help think Read more

Posted Jul 2, 2022 11:42 by anonymous

this has happened to me a number of times. Whenever that happens, my attorneys get involved, and we get a DNA test. Then all decisions will flow from the results of the DNA test. Some girls say yo Read more

Posted Dec 15, 2017 19:39 by anonymous

Wats your most forbidden desire? Males n females. Im babysitting n watching porn. Read more

Posted Jun 30, 2022 09:04 by anonymous

There is this older lady next door (like half a mile down the road) and I have been helping her with he vegetable garden since I was a little kid. This past week it started pouring all of a sudden an Read more

Posted Jun 28, 2022 13:57 by anonymous

I am a 17 year old guy. I live out in the country. Yesterday, I saw a car pulled over, almost into a ditch, with a flat tire. I stopped to help. I ended up changing this lady's tire for her. She a Read more

Posted Jun 26, 2022 15:14 by anonymous

I feel insane writing this. My dad raped me repeatedly as a very young child. He would tell me he couldn't help myself because I was so sexy and he just loved me so much. But that was basically th Read more

Posted Jun 29, 2022 15:56 by anonymous

We (husband, son, and I) went to the beach with a friend couple of ours and their two kids. We're all in our 30s. We went sunbathing and the guys were shirtless in skimpy shorts and we girls were Read more

Posted Jul 29, 2021 01:43 by anonymous

This started when I would wake up from him drugging me with sleeping pills to find him and me naked with him trusting and pumping my pussy full of his cum but I wasn’t exactly telling him no and tha Read more

Posted Aug 1, 2021 21:53 by anonymous

I was at my sister's house. I went out in the backyard to smoke. "Can't smoke in her house" I was sitting on a tree stump that had been cut like a chair with a head high back with a slant, so Read more

Posted Sep 4, 2016 02:31 by anonymous

It was a nice day out where I live and my daughter said she wanted to go swimming but left her bikini at her mom's I jokingly said just hop in naked its fine no one can see back here I made sure o Read more


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