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Posted Jan 25, 2021 12:11 by anonymous

im not sure where esle to post this bc its so disgusting. i am 29 now, female, and when i was a young teen, i used to babysit the tots around my neighborhood. there were a few couples who i would sit Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 11:01 by anonymous

My buddy Thomas came to spend the weekend with me and my wife. He had a business meeting in our town and decided to combine that event with a visit. We invited him to spend the night. He asked me to m Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 09:22 by anonymous

It finally happened. I had sex with my mother in law but it didn’t happen right away. It took a series of events to make it happen and this is what I did to make it happen. Before I go into it Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 13:40 by anonymous

I was in My daughters room the other day and I saw on her open laptop some type of msger app open to someone messenging my daughter. I was shocked to read some guy typing to her "its so hard for righ Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 15:07 by anonymous

My little brother who’s 16 (I’m 19) just asked me if he could give me $500 if he could do whatever he wanted to me for an hour. Not sure if I should but I’m really tempted to do so since I’ve Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 17:44 by anonymous

Usually I do it at night but Ive also done it at cinemas and on public transport. In shopping malls I go without panties and wear skirts so that I can do it too Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 20:52 by anonymous

I cum so hard i thought my balls would explode. What do you do with your daughter? Read more

Posted Jan 25, 2021 23:55 by anonymous

After my divorce I went through a very destructive period, I was feeling like shit and I just wanted to feel good at whatever cost. My sister went out with me to kinda distract ourselves and I got dru Read more

Posted Jan 26, 2021 01:35 by anonymous

I finger my daughter Mandy when she crawls on my lap before going to bed. She's 10 now. Read more

Posted Jan 26, 2021 01:28 by anonymous

The wife admitted to having a threesome.. She was having an affair with a married guy and she said he just couldn't keep up with her. She would get him off 2 or 3 times and just fuck him until hi Read more


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