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Posted Jul 13, 2020 10:56 by anonymous

My name is Clare i am 16 years old i keep myself very trim and fit by doing lots of sport . I use the gym and also like to go surfing at the gym recently my friend said she could see my panty line thr Read more

Posted Jul 14, 2020 04:16 by anonymous

U realized recently that I have been preparing for my first time out as the one on deck ti become their protege in training sessions as a cumslut , sex slave for big black cocks in waiting As the ne Read more

Posted Nov 13, 2016 19:24 by anonymous

My older sister is 25. She and her husband have been trying for a baby. They recently found out that her husband was impotent. She asked me if I would fuck her to get her pregnant. I acted as if I did Read more
I’m 26 now. When I was 12 my neighbors boyfriend (22 or so at the time) started paying attention to me. He took me on a few dates and had sex with me. I always looked at it as consensual because the Read more

Posted Jul 13, 2020 15:41 by anonymous

My daughter still sits on my lap sometimes. Every time she does, I get super hard. She never says anything about it. The truth is, I just wanna throw her down in all fours and fuck her like an animal! Read more

Posted Jul 13, 2020 14:14 by anonymous

Why do mom's stay quiet when they know their husband is sexually abusing their daughter's? Is it because they were abused and think it's part of growing up? Do they approve and like what t Read more

Posted Jul 13, 2020 10:55 by anonymous

I am a 35 year old guy who bought my first house in March. Then the shit hit the fan and Covid forced everyone to work from home. I am grateful to still have a job. Side benefit, I take breaks through Read more

Posted Jul 12, 2020 23:27 by anonymous

is it normal for girls to fantasize about their dads? i'm 15 and usually when i fuck myself my last thoughts before cumming are about my dad forcing me to take him in either my ass or pussy is t Read more

Posted Jul 9, 2020 02:12 by anonymous

A few months after I graduated from high school, I posted a personal ad on Craigslist asking someone if they wanted to come over to fuck. I stated that I was a crossdresser and was looking for somethi Read more


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