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Posted Sep 30, 2019 04:03 by anonymous

Who did you do it with how old were you both how did it happen? When my sis and me were 9 and 10, we did some pretty weird things. One of them was we used to scissor or trib together just because w Read more

Posted Sep 17, 2020 16:06 by anonymous

She was drunk. Not falling down drunk but good enough. I told her to get in bed and I’d get her water and aspirin to ward off a headache. I gave her 2 of her ambian instead and waited a half hour. N Read more

Posted Sep 19, 2020 16:00 by anonymous

A little background. I’m 20f and newly married to my husband who is 22. We met at church when I was 18 and we are both devout Christians. Our Families loved each other and we had an instant connecti Read more

Posted Aug 23, 2019 16:36 by whynotmetoo (not verified)

what woke up your inner sexual being and made you just want to fuck and get fucked all the time ? what made your pussy wet and throb with pure desire ? Read more

Posted Apr 29, 2020 13:33 by anonymous

First thing, I have no problem with incest as long as it's between consenting adults. That said I can't blame them at all they are two attractive adults, daughter is 19 and son is 22. I came h Read more

Posted Sep 19, 2020 00:14 by anonymous

Who else is masturbating now? M or F? Hand only or toys? Age? M - size? F - shaved/bald/hairy and tit size? I am M44, 7", hand only Read more

Posted Sep 16, 2020 08:37 by anonymous

my daughter (18) and i have been playing together for a while she he's not here we have fun and fantasize about involving him, letting him fuck both of us he's so straight and vanilla though Read more

Posted Dec 18, 2019 16:31 by anonymous

What's the worst possible humiliation? In order from least to most humiliating I think it's: Being refused sex from your girlfriend or lover Being seen naked Being cuckolded Being pissed Read more

Posted Sep 18, 2020 05:58 by anonymous

My sister were caught by our aunt with my head buried between my sisters spread legs licking her out, telling our mom says lunch is ready & as she turns away smiling with finger to her Iips. Read more

Posted Sep 12, 2020 11:59 by anonymous

I encourage my husband to be sexual with our daughter. As of now, he has just licked her out a few times, which she loves. It turns me on to know he will open her up and be her first. We both have sta Read more


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