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Posted Jul 30, 2021 22:10 by anonymous

I deliver pizza part time some nights. Last weekend I delivered one pizza to a motel room. A very hot girl opens the door naked and casually informns me that sha has no money. Then she turns around an Read more

Posted Aug 1, 2021 03:12 by anonymous

Well it's August 1st and time to start evicting loser people that have not paid their rent...time to kick their pathetic ass to the curb and laugh while their shit gets stolen or rained on. Fuck y Read more

Posted Jul 30, 2021 08:04 by anonymous

It was six of us. 3 guys, 3 girls. We were all high and stuff. My friend Gerald starts joking about having an orgy. Everybody is giggling and joking around. Tina (Gerald's gf) takes her top off. B Read more

Posted Jul 30, 2021 16:19 by anonymous

I am married with 2 kids. My big secret is that I am an anal freak. My husband knows but he dont know how bad I am. I wear a butt plug all the time. I love it in my ass more than I can explain. I chea Read more

Posted Aug 1, 2021 09:14 by anonymous

I was playing with 2 guys. while they were split roasting me my dad walked in. It’s the most embarrassing moment of my life. Read more

Posted Aug 1, 2021 15:39 by anonymous

Last year my brother moved back to North Carolina from Texas and he brought his girlfriend he met in Texas with him. I was helping them get moved into their new place having pizza a few beers just Read more

Posted Aug 1, 2021 23:53 by anonymous

I’m a single dad and when my daughter has her friends sleep over I give them edibles and fuck them while they’re passed out. They’re all 7 or 8 and nothing feels better than burying my cock in t Read more

Posted Jul 31, 2021 19:05 by anonymous

I started to grow hair down their at 11 but by the time I turned 13 i was full of hair to where if I wear a swimsuit you could see it now I'm 14 and thinking I should cut some off. Read more

Posted Jul 31, 2021 15:58 by anonymous

My mom was a housekeeper, who worked for different families. My stepdad swept her off her feet and they got married, and we moved into his house. I tried to tell her things were going on, but she d Read more

Posted Aug 1, 2021 15:04 by anonymous

I'm a married 25 year old woman. My husband is 29. We've been married 2 years. I recently started having an affair with another woman. She's 23. The thing is that she is my husband's s Read more


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