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Posted Apr 13, 2021 08:20 by anonymous

My fwbs are both black women, not because they are black but because it just turned out that way! The people I'm talking about are people who specifically pick partners because of race! Tjis usually Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 11:45 by anonymous

Theres the narrative. I truly believe that blacks in this country can't wait for a cop to shoot a spade just so it gives them a reason to loot liquor stores and Walmart. We all know the mobs d Read more

Posted Apr 12, 2021 18:41 by anonymous

Five years ago my husband was transferred to Malaysia, I quit my job and moved to be a housewife. After getting installed I joined the Lady's Club, an expat women's group. I met an English gi Read more

Posted Jun 16, 2019 23:57 by anonymous

I am not sure why, but one of my fantasies that I want to try. Is rent a hotel room take a viagra. Wait until it starts working. Then put the room needs cleaning sign outside. Then handcuff or tie mys Read more
I felt awkward about it at first after he suggested it because it was always a fantasy of his. His friends are very open and told us they didn’t care at all. So we went back to his placed and had Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 11:51 by anonymous

I was 18 and living alone with my mother, her and my dad wer broken up, I was horny as hell as all teenagers are so when I jerked off I used to think of her, one day I got home from my part time job i Read more
Like the title said. I really wanted to fuck a black girl, asian, latina, etc... But instead I fucked lots of white women. Now I am bi and hookup with guys from time to time. I have been fucked by Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 08:59 by Bubba63

Sitting here reading confessions and drinking coffee. Wife's in the shower and I have my dick in my hand jacking off.other in-law just walked in to tell me the neighbors gate was open (older coupl Read more

Posted Aug 20, 2019 10:01 by anonymous

My step daughter was getting married. She made a statement that she would like to experience a gangbang before she said I do. As a thoughtful step mom well she calls me the cool mom I began to work on Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 12:02 by anonymous

I think it's funny all my family and friends think I'm straight but I love getting naked and watching gay porn and Jack off and even better I love sucking dick till my mouth is filled with cum Read more


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