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Posted Jul 14, 2020 16:06 by anonymous

It really sucks. We were dating for over three years and things were getting serious enough that we discussed getting married and moving in with each other. Then the pandemic hit and we had to be se Read more

Posted Jul 14, 2020 14:24 by anonymous

Not a career woman and I feel guilty for even saying that. But that's all I ever dreamed about being since I was little. I want to be the Mom I never had and always be there for my children. Read more

Posted Jan 13, 2020 16:14 by anonymous

When I was 16 and working on a ranch the boss’s daughter Britney came home for the summer. She would come out at times and help feed and clean the horse stables. She always wore shorts and boots and Read more

Posted Jul 13, 2020 19:55 by anonymous

Back in Middle School I was assigned to work the book room one day. I was paired with the girl with the biggest boobs in school. For her age they were bigger than most grown women. On that day we w Read more
I’m giving head to a man that is 42 he is won’t hive head and I blow him every afternoon sometimes it’s a hour sometimes it’s 5 min. I’m crazy about his cock. He works for me so we do it a Read more

Posted Jul 14, 2020 17:44 by anonymous

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I separated. He had become addicted to alcohol and medication following an injury at work, and became a different man for a while. When we separated, we Read more
Trumpists have ruined this country, and they aren't going to just disappear once Trump does. Because they live in an alternative reality that is basically a gigantic conspiracy theory, you can't engag Read more

Posted Oct 13, 2015 20:54 by hornyson26 (not verified)

Hi everyone I'm 26, and my mom is 44. I love to sniff and lick my moms dirty cum and piss stained panties! For as long as I can remember I would come home from school and everyday the first thing Read more

Posted Jul 14, 2020 19:17 by anonymous

We obey the law more often, we study harder in school. We work harder at our jobs than blacks do. You name it whites out perform blacks in everything except sports. Sports is playing, not worki Read more

Posted Nov 3, 2019 06:19 by anonymous

Genuine guy looking for the right man to share my wife with. She's in her late 40s good looking nice body, picture will be available to the right person. Please let me know if you are interested? Read more


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