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Posted Aug 1, 2021 12:50 by anonymous

Like many, at the beginning of the covid, my school was closed and I was forced to stay home alone. My parents hadn't lost their jobs as of yet but with the rise in cases it was tough for them to Read more

Posted Aug 1, 2021 14:26 by anonymous

I had went to a cookout & got really really drunk. When I got home I could barely walk. My aunt her bf where at my house. I fell down my steps to the basement & couldn't get up. My aunt called he Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 14:52 by anonymous

My friend and her husband (44f and 47m) often throw some pretty wild parties in the summer. My husband and I (44m and 45f) went over to enjoy the festivities. There was plenty of drinking, good conver Read more

Posted Aug 1, 2021 11:45 by MomSteph (not verified)

Ok so I know a lot will call bullshit on this and so on but truth be known, I don't care. I have nothing to defend so either believe it or not, I'm good either way. I'm a single mom, 38 a Read more

Posted Aug 1, 2021 16:41 by anonymous

Was sent home early this past Friday due to weather, couldn't work. My wife was at her work so was just gonna be my 14 year old daughter at home. I didn't pull my truck all the way up to the h Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 01:47 by anonymous

Three years ago my wife (now ex wife) asked me if I ever cheated on her. I told her of course not. She told me she has something to tell me I'm not going to like. Well I just thought she was going Read more

Posted Aug 1, 2021 12:05 by anonymous

She and my wife have been wearing small bikinis at the pool. My wife laughs that my erection is so obvious, even my daughter can plainly see it. Yesterday, while my wife was at the store, my daughter Read more
She was in the kitchen and she was trying to pull a rag the got stuck in the drain she had me get behind her and help her pull it out. She pushed her ass up to my dick and started moving side to side Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 23:26 by anonymous

My dad got home late tonight and I was watching a movie by myself and he said if I could make him a coffee so I did when I was in the kitchen he has brushed me pass and I really have felt his hard so Read more

Posted Aug 2, 2021 12:24 by anonymous

I was in college and had a bukkae party. I was the star. 30 guys cumming on me, in me, I was a hot mess. My bf was on a site and found me. I told him it was a dare in my college days. My gf video tap Read more


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