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Posted Dec 6, 2022 00:22 by anonymous

So I'm a work at home mom, and I hire my neighbors 13 year old to mow my lawn. Started 3 or 4 weeks ago, but after my hubby went to work and my kids dropped off in day care, he's been comin Read more

Posted Dec 4, 2022 23:31 by anonymous

Me and my dad were always close. But we got real close when I was playing travel softball. It would just be me and him driving to most of my games and staying at hotels. Lol don’t ask me how it Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 07:49 by anonymous

After ten years of marriage we split and as soon as he left the house I began screwing any guy that came along. I didn't intend to but a guy at the supermarket flirted with me and we ended up in h Read more

Posted May 24, 2018 10:01 by anonymous

I came home from work, went to my room to change. Opened my drawer to get a clean pair of panties and I put my hand in a glob of semen. My son had jerked off in my underwear drawer. At first I was Read more

Posted Dec 5, 2022 15:21 by anonymous

I came home from a friend's house. I could hear a man's voice in moms room. I peeked in and mom was sucking her brother. I filmed it with my phone. I shut the door and after a while I went bac Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 09:18 by anonymous

Since I knew what they were I've always been intrigued by the idea of getting a massage with a happy ending. A few months ago I was out of town, and had some time to kill, so I started looking around Read more

Posted Dec 4, 2022 17:52 by anonymous

Who else enjoys putting there nursing baby on there clit. I have twins I usually have one on my clit while the other nurses. Breastfeeding makes me extremely horny. Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 10:19 by anonymous

I’m a 15 year old girl and my boyfriend and I have been having sex for two months. I totally live sex and I thought I’d already had an orgasm because it just felt so good. But yesterday after scho Read more

Posted Dec 4, 2022 22:49 by anonymous

I went over to visit my friend and he wasn't there. His mom was really drunk and just wearing a t-shirt and panties. She invited me in and she lay down on the sofa and told me to go ahead and get Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2022 11:31 by anonymous

He lets little kids sit on his lap and in return promises them toys Read more


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