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Posted May 26, 2022 07:38 by anonymous

He is 15 and perfect!! He takes care of my grass once a week since my husband and I have divorced. I watch him from inside and find myself getting wet. I bring him a drinks and wear shirt that really Read more

Posted May 27, 2022 04:38 by anonymous

I know it happened. I have memories of reenacting it as a very young child to get myself off, but I don't have any memories of the actual sex we had. And I know it's weird, but I want to remem Read more

Posted May 26, 2022 07:39 by anonymous

F31 I work with one of my best friends who told me a couple of weeks ago that she does a lot of dog sex I did not believe her so when I was around her house I told her so then she proved it and I must Read more
And just the other night she came and got in bed with me. Claiming she was so horny she just couldn't stand it any longer .she ask me if she could borrow my cock for a little while . And of course Read more

Posted May 26, 2022 10:38 by anonymous

Im 39 years old and found out in January that my wife had been having an affair with my best friend who i have known since kindergarten. He wasn't even sorry, and told me he did it deliberately (i Read more

Posted May 26, 2022 00:31 by anonymous

My husbands phone dinged. He wasn't around so I picked up the phone and looked to see who the text was from. It was from our daughter at college.. A naked selfies with a baby bump The text said " Read more

Posted May 25, 2022 14:00 by anonymous

Last night our 8 year old daughter came into our bed. Said she couldn't sleep.She was worried about the shooting in Texas. She was worried that something might happen here and that she could die w Read more

Posted May 26, 2022 07:51 by anonymous

Sheboon WNBA "star" Brittney Griner who liked to kneel during the national anthem, and called for a ban on it being played before all sporting games has now been rotting in a Russian prison for over 3 Read more

Posted May 27, 2022 14:12 by anonymous

I grew up in a very nice home. My father was an excellent provider. We'd swim at night in the nude. I did, mom did, my sister did, dad did and my three brothers did. Never did anyone ever touch an Read more

Posted May 23, 2022 21:22 by anonymous

Had my best friend ask me to watch her son for the night. She had a date and she didn’t want him alone. He said how lame it was he needed a babysitter. I tried making it a good time. Ordered a pizza Read more


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