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Posted Oct 28, 2020 16:57 by anonymous

Arranged a hookup at a remote park this morning for a quick blow n go. Pulled in parking lot and he was already there, I text him and we decided on his car and ask me just to get in the back seat so I Read more
The people in my life who are republican are just die hard fanatics. Every time I simply talk to them, they lead the conversation to something stupidly toxic. They pretend they're on the right side an Read more

Posted Oct 27, 2020 20:16 by anonymous

I gave a guy a perfect blow job this morning, a 10 out of 10 I’m confident to say. On my knees unzipping his pants, looking up at him. Pulled out his beautiful black cock and tongued the tip and hol Read more
The closet I’ll get to this when I’m watching a crime/investigating movie or tv show with some damn good acting and one of plots is a character gets raped. Preferably one not involving drugs or a Read more

Posted Dec 6, 2016 17:11 by anonymous

The mother in law caught her daughter sucking my cock, down on her knees with her hands on my hips, my cock balls deep when I looked up through the crack of the door my 55year old mother in law was lo Read more

Posted Oct 28, 2020 03:51 by anonymous

I was literally just trying to tell him something and he couldn't even make eye contact; I don't know if I should tell my sister or not. Read more

Posted Oct 28, 2020 16:32 by anonymous

My Nan was in a care home and because of money we had to have her come live with us, apparently her care homes was more than what my dad earned. My mum made my uncle convert the garage into a small f Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2020 00:22 by anonymous

I’m 50 and daughter is 19 and I have been habitually been masterbating to her for the past year and have grown to enjoy it more and more. She comes home from college soon. Feeling awkward. Anyone el Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2020 00:25 by Mike Koxzmall (not verified)

I am not gay I am married 45 years old never been with a man but there's one thing that I look at everyday ******* BIG BEAUTIFUL LONG SHINY AMAZING WONDERFUL GORGEOUS THE MOST FEARED AND DES Read more

Posted Jul 18, 2019 22:42 by anonymous

I am a 23 yr old guy and my girlfriend cheated on me with this dude from a club. I found out through mutual friends and i got in contact with the dude. turns out the dude was bisexual. and i never tol Read more


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