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Posted Nov 16, 2021 01:56 by anonymous

Must be so humiliating being in a cult with a fat guy who raped over 75 women had over 17 bankruptcies and will go to jail soon enough after committing thousands of crimes that you support! You’re s Read more
I don’t put anything past this right wing politicians. People died and all they’ve been crying about is their 2A right. Read more
this whole thing is gonna be in caps because its midnight and im tired and angry SHUT UP!!! IM 15 YEARS OLD AND I HAVE DEALT WITH 6. DIFFERENT. SHOOTING THREATS. ALL AT SCHOOL. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I Read more

Posted May 27, 2022 00:04 by anonymous

What's happening here in America with the shootings is NOT a publical issue. It's NOT a mental health issue. It's not even a gun issue. It's evil demonic spiritual warfare. We need to Read more

Posted Sep 8, 2021 15:31 by anonymous

Texas is going back to the middle ages. And god help any girl who gets raped in Texas. Read more

Posted Apr 15, 2022 15:14 by anonymous

Death to the Jews! The Jews killed Christ! Read more
Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING pleases me more than to hear about these filthy rotten faggots getting beaten to bloody pulps!!! Therefore, I've taken heart in FAG BASHING and am well known for Read more

Posted May 4, 2022 19:44 by anonymous

Why are they so taken by this issue? Considering that there are so many forms of birth control and , even not get into sexual situations, which will avoid the need for abortion ? Why can't Read more
GWB Jr. was a genius compared to this mother fucker we have now as a President. Read more

Posted May 10, 2022 07:25 by anonymous

For FOUR YEARS you protested, screamed through your vaginas, marched for the womens rights that you ALREADY HAD. You got the president you wanted, and now YOUR RIGHTS are being stripped away by state Read more


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