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Posted Oct 29, 2020 15:25 by anonymous

We were both curious about anal sex so I let him fuck my ass. I didn’t enjoy it because it felt like being constipated. He used plenty of lube and his penis was medium sized not big. I didn Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2020 14:33 by anonymous

I voted for the first time, and voted for Kanye as a protest. I lean toward the left slightly, but I hate both political parties. However, as far as politicians go I like Biden. I was going to vote fo Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2020 14:51 by anonymous

# DON'T DEPORT MELANIA, even though she exploited the VISA system working as a model, and Einstien Visa program as an Academic !! Read more

Posted Oct 28, 2020 04:32 by anonymous

My daughter is 9 (i have smaller son too) and I allow her and my niece and freind peeing in those places quite often: - carside - parking garage - on the floor or bin of dirty toilet (i don't like the Read more
Sooo I already know this girls likes me a lot and her family is fucking rich too and my birthday is coming too.... so I asked her out today and asked her to date me.. So I can get something expensive Read more

Posted Nov 10, 2016 22:44 by anonymous

My son has shown a pretty significant interest in his mom. He has made some sexual comments to her about how big her tits are (38DD in case you are wondering) and mentioned to her that he has taken no Read more

Posted Oct 9, 2015 07:56 by anonymous

I'm a 42 yo father of 3. My eldest daughter (14, amost 16 now) has a varied variety of gf's whom she "hangs with". One in particular is Rebecca. Mad as a box of frogs, always hyper, wicked sen Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2020 19:43 by anonymous

Back from hell Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2020 21:44 by anonymous

I just need to vent. I am so angry and frustrated right now, and there is quite literally nothing I can do about it at this point. So.. I’m the newb at my current workplace, I’m quite shy to beg Read more
This autistic mofo gets on my nerves so badly. He's taking out 40k student loans a year while failing all of his college classes. He does nothing but plays nintendo games and texts his autistic girlfr Read more


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