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Posted Jul 19, 2018 03:38 by anonymous

My sister in law ( younger than me) is a lesbian. She has had so many anxiety issues for most of her life, and now she is finally getting out. She lost a lot of weight, she gets out and does stuff ins Read more

Posted May 1, 2015 22:22 by anonymous

My cousin, me and a girl were playing strip poker truth or dare. Basically you play a hand of strip poker and the two losers take off a piece of clothing, then the loser with the worst hand has to tak Read more

Posted Nov 23, 2020 09:55 by anonymous

I find those women who think they are the happiest and luckiest because they are in a healthy loving and committing relationship with their loyal and handsome significant others are just pathetic and Read more

Posted May 9, 2021 19:03 by anonymous

Has anyone seen the recent Nissan commercials? The girl (actor Brie Larson) on it is so annoying with her feminist attitude and bitch face. Anyone else get so annoyed by her that you feel she needs a Read more

Posted Sep 2, 2016 21:57 by anonymous

My wife is 26 and I am 28 and have just got our first house last spring, so her brother came for a visit and I dared my wife to flirt with him. She said how far can I take it and I told her as far as Read more

Posted Oct 17, 2021 18:58 by anonymous

I randomly saw a guy on the news who acted like some sort of guru and psychologist, then drugged and raped young girls who believed him. I looked a little bit into it and it made my blood boil. He Read more

Posted Jan 13, 2020 11:47 by anonymous

I am so angry because of these dumbass sjws who are ruining the media with their waaaahhh i'm offended, make this character gay or a woman and have them defeat men because we hate straight men. Fu Read more

Posted Aug 3, 2020 18:33 by anonymous

For as long as I can remember my family have always been extremely close. Any problems we had we always were able to go to mum and dad. No question was ever too hard for them to answer, and they alway Read more

Posted Oct 17, 2021 20:18 by anonymous

I was told to leave and stay away from my parents in 2017 after becoming sick and leaving my job. I looked for other jobs and even tried to join the military. Then I was asked to come back and live wi Read more

Posted Oct 17, 2021 19:46 by anonymous

I had a sudden McDonald's cheeseburger moment (sad, I know) and decided to indulge it for the 1st time in ages. Every time I go into this place there's a 50% chance of some kind of insanity. I live Read more


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