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Posted Jan 19, 2021 18:34 by anonymous

I went out with this girl she refused sex. I couldn't believe it becsuse I thought she liked me. I got pissed off and went home and it was me and my hand that night. Attention all girls, i Read more

Posted Jan 19, 2021 11:03 by anonymous

They bleed, discharge, and when you see how filthy their underwear are at the end of the day with all kinds of brown and yellow stains, its just disgusting. I tolerate it from hot women, but fatties a Read more

Posted Jan 18, 2021 22:11 by anonymous

“Age of consent laws” are basically the sexual market version of minimum wage laws. They are destructive to the natural market. These laws are for one based on a faulty premise that there is a cer Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 08:21 by anonymous

Se like seein my dick wich i would site so she could see my heard dick and she would tolk to me were age could see it Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 08:14 by anonymous

I would sometime put a per a shorts on no unerwer so my dick could ben seen and sometime my daughter 28 would see it and wolk away but she would come back and tolk to me and i would make sher she coul Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 08:59 by anonymous

I wont forget the first time i slid my dick in my sister pussy i come on here pussy more times than eney outher pussy i would puter my dick in betwin her wet pussy lips and hunch her we would do this Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 14:31 by anonymous

My boyfriend and I had sex with a plastic Walmart bag. It was my idea at the time. He was down for it. The thing is, I was drunk and he was sober. He had put the idea of it in my head the day before. Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 14:54 by anonymous

I posted yesterday about my trouble with the system. I am having heart pain and it's equivocal with when my appendix was taken out. They heard 'alcoholic' and ignored my pain. Even though an RN at t Read more
She was lazy, stupid and a bully and shitty to everyone. She was also super unstable and paranoid and would complain about EVERYTHING to HR including baseless accusations of random shit. They never to Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 14:06 by anonymous

I really want to just go downstairs and get on my knees but I’m to scared! Any advice ? Read more


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