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Posted Apr 12, 2021 18:11 by anonymous

My role in life is to be a cum dumpster. I'm 19 and I've been my dad's fuck toy since I was 7. I'm here so he can use me. Only his pleasure matters not mine. I'm just here to b Read more

Posted Jan 3, 2018 15:27 by anonymous

My wife went to a Christmas party that a friend of hers invited her to. I had gone last year and didn't like the crowd so I stayed home. My wife's friend brought home my wife about midnight. S Read more

Posted Apr 11, 2021 23:34 by anonymous

I have fucked a few hundred girls and women in my time and the way people go on and on about fucking king teenagers is awesome is just bullshit. If you can convince yourself a teen is better at sex Read more

Posted Apr 11, 2021 20:49 by 4thGen (not verified)

She's a cuckquean and after the possibility that our neighbor might be pregnant with my kid(did a test, she's not) my wife is obsessed with the idea. Two problems. First, my wife is alread Read more

Posted Mar 27, 2016 00:19 by anonymous

My wife and I are both 40 both very fit we workout every evening after work . I made friends with a guy at the gym I use we lift weights and workout together and some times go for a beer after. Shower Read more

Posted Nov 7, 2017 19:52 by anonymous

Her car slid off the road and broke her cell phone. I found her walking in the rain so hard I could hardly see her. She got in my work truck soaking wet and freezing. I had some spare shirts and the c Read more

Posted Sep 4, 2020 22:23 by anonymous

Night before last my sister went out with some of her friends. It was the first time since the COVID started. I guess they got pretty messed up. Anyway she came home by Uber. She was acting pret Read more

Posted Feb 28, 2021 00:32 by anonymous

I was scrolling through Connect. If you don’t know, Connect is like a deep web Facebook. I was bored and was scrolling through the new posts. Then, I saw something terrible, what looked to be a 13-1 Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 02:24 by anonymous

My eyes have seen the glory of the trampling at the zoo, we washed our hands with niggers blood and all the mongrels too, we're taking down the ZOG machine jew by jew by jew, THE WHITE MAN MARCHES Read more
Ranting about just about everyone. Read more


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