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I have a confession to make! I love to pee in my pants and masturbate until I reach climax!! It just feels so great and I get relieved and release all the stress and tension in my body. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh Read more
Just about every other social animal species has a higher rate of intra-species violence and homocide. Furthermore, no other species will ever display empathy or remorse for their own violence and bru Read more
I've seen videos of racially motivated beatings. In one video five white sons of bitches were beating and stomping some poor black kid when six white adults put a stop to it. They confiscated a Read more

Posted Dec 19, 2021 13:17 by anonymous

Burn down scott airforce basein Illinois & rebuild it Burn down scott airforce basein Illinois & rebuild it Burn down scott airforce basein Illinois & rebuild it Burn down scott airforce basein illi Read more

Posted Jan 8, 2022 11:00 by anonymous

It's my dirty secret. I (female) don't tell my husband, and my parents never knew, but I'd fuck our lovely dog in my teens on a nearly daily basis. He loved to fuck, and bless his heart. H Read more

Posted Aug 6, 2017 01:30 by anonymous

My friend has a mom who is extremely sexy, I have always had a love for panties and when my mom didn't have anything very exciting I found my friends moms panties. When I was over at her house I s Read more

Posted Jun 14, 2017 06:09 by anonymous

Yesterday morning after my mother went to work I went snooping in her room, I found her vibrator under the bed and it was wet, I fucking tasted my mom's pussy juice, then ended up jacking off 4 or Read more

Posted Dec 24, 2021 07:49 by anonymous

Many years ago my wife and I met a guy named Dave online who worked for the cable company in upstate NY. He had what can only be described as a HUGE cock. No exaggeration, it was as thick as a coke ca Read more

Posted Oct 24, 2019 11:28 by anonymous

Lately my mom has been drinking a lot of scotch and water on the weekends. I really don't like her around when she gets drunk. Twice now I had friends over the house and Mom was drinking and by th Read more

Posted Nov 7, 2019 06:09 by anonymous

My mother was so drunk last night that I was able to have sex with her. She was calling me by my dad's name and she never reliezed that it was me her son having sex with her while dad was sleeping Read more


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