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Posted Jun 21, 2020 17:55 by anonymous

When I was 7 years old, my mom had a few questionable babysitters. One was a young man, let's call him Derek, but that was not his name. Derek was 14 at the time, twice my age. I had a crush on Read more

Posted May 29, 2020 16:02 by anonymous

This Is My Confession. I'm a 32 year old single Mother and I let my two boys (13 & 15) mount me and take me any time they want just as long as there's no one else around. The older they get, Read more

Posted Aug 26, 2018 18:55 by anonymous

I’m looking for a story that is about milf wife, age 33-44. A wife that has no wild pass and someone that’s alwayd been a conservative wife. She has about 2-5 children and has never stray away. Read more

Posted Jul 14, 2020 18:54 by anonymous

Taking off your masked DOESNT make you hear me better when I talk to you. It’s covering you’re mouth not your ears. This annoys me so much if you can’t hear tell me and I will speak louder. Read more
I’ve been straight all my life, and still consider myself to be straight, but I’ve always had a kink for being degraded by other men, and have always been aroused by extreme gay sexual scenarios. Read more

Posted Nov 3, 2019 06:21 by anonymous

I live in an apartment by myself,just me and my cat. Over the past few months I've been afraid that I'm just unlovable,I'll never get to get married,settle down and have that one person. And it's not Read more

Posted Jul 12, 2020 17:55 by anonymous

Twister hasn't posted here in a few days (she usually posts every day). I hope that she is finally dead. Read more

Posted Jul 14, 2020 20:15 by anonymous

dental work on august 3rd i have autism and special needs im sorry i ask this so much im just scared and have bad anxiety i have too get 5 dental fillings done and it going take over 3 hours as a few Read more

Posted Jun 3, 2013 16:10 by anonymous

My husband was deployed for 6 months on his first deployment and I started hanging out with a friend from my job. After a few times going out with him, we slept together. It wasnt what I wanted, but w Read more
Friend=J So I've known J for as long as I can remember and we've always been good friends, but lately he's been quite a dick. For starters he denies all science proving that masks work and that COVID Read more


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