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Posted May 31, 2021 08:23 by anonymous

I'm 22 SM & do love vaginal sex but when I was in HS at 18, I let a fag suck my cock in the lockers after football practice. That same dude lives close to me now & even with my GF who lives with m Read more

Posted Jan 9, 2022 18:16 by anonymous

When confronted with a black screen, I didn't think to ask how old he was, just if he wanted to jack off with me; we both used text chat. To my surprise, I was presented with a rock hard pubescen Read more

Posted Feb 20, 2019 14:45 by anonymous

Ok. No bs my stepdaughter is 12 she stayed home sick from school. I told her to put on her pjs and lay on the sofa. I gave her some cold meds and she passed out. She got to warm and kicked off the bla Read more

Posted Aug 28, 2018 07:39 by anonymous

When i was twelve years old i often played with my two younger sisters and got my hand in there knickers and fingered there sweet young cunts they used to play with my cock i also wanted to,fuck them Read more

Posted Nov 3, 2017 20:25 by anonymous

For several years my husband had suggested we participate in a threesome. The thought intrigued me but never having been with another woman I was apprehensive and didn't know personally another gi Read more

Posted Jan 12, 2022 03:17 by anonymous

I had to wash my baby sister up putting baby powder on her after touching her fat little pink pussy got me brick hard tonight I will be rubbing that pussy when she sleep might slide in idgaf bring her Read more

Posted Apr 19, 2020 15:20 by anonymous

There are so many girls and guys out there who love to eat cum, mostly straight from the tap. This is your chance to admit it, and tell us your story of how you love to eat cum, and how you got addic Read more

Posted Jan 12, 2022 22:26 by anonymous

They insist that just because I enjoyed being sexually molested* by my uncle as a kid, I'm emotionally damaged and incapable of normal relationships. No, you fucking turdnugget, I'm just aroma Read more

Posted Oct 14, 2019 04:37 by anonymous

Its no wonder my mom loves him..but..i hate to say..i do to!.. We have beautiful sex .he did it to me when i was I'm 15 and i can't get enough of him! Read more
I'm back at my parents house for summer and apparently my sister recently because a nudist or something. She casually walks around the house wearing nothing or almost nothing... sometimes a thong, or Read more


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