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Most Disliked Confessions & Stories Today

Posted Jan 24, 2022 02:01 by anonymous

I went to a bar with my bad girls and they got me drunk and I ended up in bed with a black man. I took him home and we had incredible sex. His dick was giant and I want to do it again. I can't go Read more

Posted Jan 23, 2022 21:13 by anonymous

It feels like I'm being gaslit by half of the United States. I've done everything I can possibly do to not spread it or catch it...vaccination and booster and masking up and distancing whenever possi Read more

Posted Jan 23, 2022 23:39 by anonymous

For the last 3 months i been cheating on my wife(33) with her best friend(32) and she still doesn’t know but i don’t know how much longer this could go without my wife finding out. Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 09:13 by anonymous

Decades ago Democrats were a great honest family value party who told the truth most of the time! Now they are following a geriatric pedophile who is going to a nursing home for early onset of dementi Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 05:49 by anonymous

You know, the world is so unfair to minorities (I as a woman am considered a “minority” too. You should not be given a free pass to be able to get away with dominating & oppressing “minorities Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 17:06 by anonymous

1. The OCD troll 2. The angry dog hater 3. The RC troll 4. The Trololololol / Fatfag / Gangsta Wangsta / knifes troll Read more

Posted Jan 23, 2022 21:38 by anonymous

Growing old isn't a selfless act Why are we rewarding these people for something that is unavoidable? Thanks for driving slow and ruining the planet I guess heres some savings. Read more
I have been home for almost 15 years and I have shared some of my experiences with family and a few others. I have been fairly active with veteran based non-profits and I have shared some things with Read more

Posted Jan 23, 2022 02:59 by adaptableAutlstic (not verified)

my habitat has lots of places to climb, I can chew on the sides of my bed and I can also climb on top of my car ride simulator too. when I wake up now in the middle of the night my wake ups have gotte Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 01:57 by anonymous

Just start taking away their guns. They are not sane people. Over 1000 rioters have lost their gun rights forever because they believed a lunatic liar! They must feel so stupid. Read more


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