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Posted Sep 25, 2023 07:41 by anonymous

I work nights and coming home early one morning I found my wife and sister in bed having sex. This was about 3 years ago. After arguments with my wife I decided to allow her to continue to see my sist Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2023 13:00 by anonymous

I’m 13 and my mom caught me jacking off. She told her boyfriend what she caught me doing and also told him that I had a teenie weenie. Now he keeps asking me to show it to him. He says that if I sho Read more

Posted Sep 25, 2023 17:12 by anonymous

I know it sounds bad but as long as the groomer treats the child kindly and respectfully, doesnt do what the child disagrees with, then I think their is nothing wrong with it. I loved getting groomed Read more

Posted Sep 25, 2023 22:55 by anonymous

I used to fall for the "I'm a sexy woman. Hit me up" bullshit lines on sites like these all the time. Shit would get "real" sometimes and I'd ask to talk on the phone. That was always a no go. Read more

Posted Sep 19, 2023 02:52 by anonymous

39-year-old female married to a 56 year-old man. My husband has always had this hotwife fantasy and he frequently mentioned it. I always tell him I'm not interested but about a month ago I ran int Read more
The bible calls Solomon the wisest man who ever lived...but he was demonstrably retarded. It's necessary, when reading the bible, to look past descriptors and pretenses and just look at what the p Read more

Posted Sep 26, 2023 10:34 by anonymous

31M here. My stepdad was a horrible man. He beat my mom all the time and completely dominated the household. He was about 30 years older than my mom and was about 55-60yrs old when he moved in with us Read more

Posted Sep 26, 2023 09:53 by anonymous

Has anyone ever let a baby suckle you dick as you slowly jo till you cum and let her suckle the cum like she's suckibg on her bottle? Read more

Posted Sep 26, 2023 11:22 by anonymous

I was sucking a buddy in his backyard one day when his dog tried to mount me My friend laughed and said I may have to suck the dog too. Then I realize he really was telling me to do it. Since I wa Read more

Posted Sep 4, 2023 18:43 by anonymous

So I’m sure I was destined to be a slut. My mother got pregnant with me when she was 15 and had me not knowing who the father is. My mom was a nymphomaniac diagnosed. She told me she watched porn al Read more


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