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Posted Oct 18, 2020 18:50 by anonymous

Because of the virus we have almost no social life, and I get to do things just with my best friend. We talk about girls and such and speculate about sex with them, and watched some porn- and that was Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2020 01:09 by anonymous

I'm ready to settle down. I've been working at Wal-Mart since I turned 18 and I'm 23 already. I hate this job. I hate the lying managers too. I've had sex with half dozen so called man Read more

Posted Oct 28, 2020 10:46 by anonymous

Every morning I get up, kiss Hubs good bye to work, send the kids to school, run an errand or two and clean the house for an hour or so. Then I take a shower and head next door to my neighbors house o Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2020 00:38 by Pettychick43 (not verified)

If your spouse offered you a hall pass, would you use it? Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2020 11:22 by anonymous

Philly police shot and killed a man charging at them with a knife! What where they supposed to do? If I lived on the block and knew this dude personally and knew he had mental issues, it would hav Read more

Posted Oct 28, 2020 15:06 by anonymous

And I threw two tenets out yesterday I had my maintenance crew pile their furniture on the side of the home and changed the locks after going to court. They cried and begged for more time but their te Read more

Posted Jul 21, 2020 10:46 by anonymous

Last weekend we got a late call from my step daughters friend. Apparently she had too much to drink and could hardly walk. Her mom was angry at her she did want hear anything about her for the night. Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2020 09:22 by anonymous

Does this happen to other guys? Wake up at 47 years old and start to realize I am barely a man anymore. I don't know if I really care or that it matters. My wife has a great career and we deci Read more

Posted Oct 29, 2020 18:07 by anonymous

Yeah, I’m not into having sex. I had partners before but even while orgasming I’m just not into it. The smells , the breathing , the sloppy kissing . So much work for quick pleasure . I know oth Read more
She was in the kitchen and her bottom strap came off and she asked me reattach it. I got on my knees and I had to move it out and I got a look at her pussy. And I could not hold back from getting Read more


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