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Posted Nov 27, 2020 12:37 by Fitnessknight

Are there any wives that would blindfold your husband and without him knowing, let a young male suck him off? He would be thinking it was you...would not have to give the young male anything in return Read more

Posted Nov 27, 2020 16:16 by anonymous

Female, I know I'm not that attractive I'm the least attractive of all my friends. What's really been bothering me for quite some time is why do I always get the guys my friends have a Read more

Posted Nov 27, 2020 16:26 by anonymous

I have no job, not in school, I have no social life. I live with my parents. I’m broke. Whenever I try to build up things they just fall. I started at a job and after a month they took me off the sc Read more

Posted Nov 27, 2020 14:57 by anonymous

Saw an ultralight racing bike on Facebook marketplace. I only had $800. When I went to look at it, I immediately got the gay vibe from the selle. He was looking at me like he wanted me. He kept lookin Read more

Posted Nov 27, 2020 18:39 by anonymous

Linnea and Cheryl are both pastors wives and yes they had their fun at a church conference with a buddy an I, we knew were gonna score that fateful day when we've decided to check out all these bi Read more

Posted Aug 3, 2020 10:09 by anonymous

Anyone else feel this way. Ever acted on it? Read more

Posted Nov 27, 2020 20:10 by anonymous

Sorry I am no Trump fan by any means but I just could NOT vote for a man who served as a sidekick to a nigger for 8 years. I’m not racist but fuck that shit. Read more
......lady bits (labia) down there, they are hard to find, slits just don't cut it for me. I want something I can toss around in my mouth and spread across my face while her hands are wrapped behi Read more
I grew up in a really small town and they are die hard trump supporters there, i moved away from there a long time ago but still keep up with some people on facebook. Its crazy how many memes and post Read more

Posted Nov 11, 2020 18:16 by anonymous

There is a scandal going on here where a young woman in her early 20s won the county fair last summer. It had been discovered that she had sex with two male judges that helped her win the county fair Read more


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