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Posted May 12, 2018 15:42 by anonymous

There I said it. I am a white man and I want to be a cock sucker for Afghan, Arab, Bangladeshi, Iranian, Iraqi, Pakistani, etc. Muslim men. I want to suck on their dicks like a total slut. Read more

Posted Jan 19, 2021 09:17 by anonymous

Being a part of the DDLG community and being into BDSM is getting harder and more and more awkward. Everytime I bring it up people (usually potential partners) they think of Belle Delphine - I hate th Read more

Posted Jan 18, 2021 19:48 by anonymous

I don't want to hear about it, go somewhere else if you care so much, it's turning this site into shit. Read more

Posted Jan 19, 2021 10:18 by anonymous

Recently, I spent the night at my friends house. Our families are very close. Because of Covid-19, there are only a few of my friends that my parent's will allow me to be with...(our circle) Anywa Read more

Posted Dec 1, 2020 16:27 by anonymous

So when speaking English, the proper noun Latin is gender neutral. Ex. She is Latin, he is Latin, they are Latin. Spanish is a gendered language, so we have Latino and Latina. Latino is for males bu Read more

Posted Jan 19, 2021 10:36 by anonymous

I have started doing self bondage along with crossdressing now. I have been doing my hair and makeup,, putting fingernail polish on and dressing up in sexy bra and panty sets with garter belt and stoc Read more

Posted Jan 19, 2021 10:42 by anonymous

I think a lot of girls can relate to this. It starts in elementary school. You can’t fit in with the girly girls, so what’s left? I’ve always been a tomboy I guess, but to an extreme. The other Read more

Posted Jan 19, 2021 11:14 by anonymous

Feminism, BLM, gay protests, Muslims, and all other vocal whiny minority groups should stfu. I don't care about your issues Read more

Posted Jan 18, 2021 15:35 by anonymous

Is it like those Got Milk ads? Read more

Posted Jan 19, 2021 11:30 by anonymous

The "sorry you've been blocked" message comes up so often on benign post attempts, but will let through anything loaded with perversion or cussing. Read more


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