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The title pretty much says it all. Now you might be thinking were adults but now I’m 15 and my brother is 13. As for racism he always makes insulting comments about Black people. Homophobia is const Read more

Posted Jan 19, 2021 19:45 by anonymous

So great to have a real man back in the White House after four years of that whiny little bitch. America is going to feel that big dick energy once more. Read more

Posted Jan 19, 2021 23:02 by anonymous

​ I have cheated on him with over 30 men, including his brother and best friend. I don't care because he has gotten overweight and started loses his hair. Maybe he should have kept himself tog Read more

Posted Jan 18, 2021 20:22 by anonymous

23f... I went to a house party with a gf to meet some guys, the house was full of guys but my gf and i are the only girls. We had a couple drinks and talked to the guys a lot, then my gf said we gota Read more
Can't believe the barbaric practice is still legal for non-medical purposes basically every place on earth. Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 02:38 by anonymous

I’ve just grown sick and tired of constantly being the one who initiates, the one who tries to set up romantic dates, buys sexually provocative clothing (for BOTH of us) to try and spice things up. Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 03:34 by anonymous

I’m not religious or anything but I feel so miserable I don’t even know what to do at this point. It’s so sad that the only reason I’m so miserable is because I’ve never had a girlfriend bef Read more
I KNOW sex is normal. I'm fucking happy for them. I'm glad they have a sex life and are getting laid. They weren't even very loud but since it's winter I was like- is that a bed creaking? Where I s Read more

Posted Jan 18, 2021 18:52 by anonymous

I'm a married man now, 30 years old. When I was single I found myself dating mostly "butterfaces" - beautiful bodies attached to homely faces. This hobby of mine began naturally, because the pretties Read more

Posted May 12, 2018 15:42 by anonymous

There I said it. I am a white man and I want to be a cock sucker for Afghan, Arab, Bangladeshi, Iranian, Iraqi, Pakistani, etc. Muslim men. I want to suck on their dicks like a total slut. Read more


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