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Posted Jul 27, 2021 10:59 by anonymous

One night last week my 18 year old niece texted me needing a ride home from a party. I picked her up and it was obvious she had been drinking. On the ride home we were talking and I was asking if she Read more
Raw dog no condom.. She insisted that I finish inside of her. She cried and told me I was beautiful and she wanted to have my children.. uh.. wtf lady?? .. She’s too fat to only be 29 but probably Read more

Posted Aug 7, 2022 08:15 by anonymous

my dad gets me to lay in bed with him just cuddling and watching movies because he never wants me to stop being his little girl since im finishing high school soon. hes always the big spoon but I felt Read more

Posted Aug 7, 2022 00:08 by anonymous

Tied Four-Four. The Bottom Of The Ninth. Two Outs. The Count 3-2 The Rookie hits a Walk Off Homer. THAT'S What makes Baseball, Baseball. Read more

Posted Aug 6, 2022 20:10 by anonymous

I'm been handcuffed to a bed for 3 days in Jerome's spare bedroom he as been getting many other black men with massive 12 inch dicks to cum and fuck my sweet sexy little teen pussy hehe Jerome Read more
Look at what she DID. She had vials with weed residue. That does NOT warrant 9 years in prison in ANY **rational** society. Jesus, you people are assholes, and you are facilitating wild corruption by Read more

Posted Aug 7, 2022 14:39 by anonymous

A couple times a week I get so horny and none of my toys do what I need for full relief. I drive to a park that has only one entrance/exit and park near the farthest space, shed my blouse and skirt ( Read more

Posted Aug 7, 2022 12:01 by anonymous

We've lived together for 8 years now and whenever both of us are single we suck eachother off to get off. It's not gay because we're closing our eyes and thinking of women also we say no homo before a Read more

Posted Aug 5, 2022 10:22 by anonymous

I’m 60 yo and never sucked a cock. I want to suck my first cock so bad, it’s all I can think about. Nothing turns me on more than looking at cocks and dreaming about sucking my first cock. Read more

Posted Aug 7, 2022 15:37 by anonymous

I am male, 22 and straight. Recently bought my first masturbator a fleshlight + lube. I just wanted to try it out out of curiousity.. But once I used it, I felt shame and guilt, felt like biggest d Read more


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