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Posted Feb 7, 2023 01:05 by anonymous

Fucked. Your all living in a fucking dream. No future. Read more

Posted Feb 7, 2023 01:05 by anonymous

I (30f) been friends with "Abby" for over 20 years. We were Maid of Honors for each others' weddings and when I had to move out of my abusive home, her family took me in. Before that, they often provi Read more

Posted Feb 7, 2023 01:05 by anonymous

I’ll be the first to say it, my life isn’t hard. I get everything I need and sometimes what I want. The hard part is actually in deciding what I want. I feel so broken, like I don’t want anythin Read more

Posted Feb 7, 2023 01:03 by anonymous

I don't want to kill myself, but I want my life to be over now. I want to be an old man on my death bed. I want death to be at my door. I want to fall into my eternal slumber. I am too young. I do Read more
I (F18) feel this is enough. Jokes about men getting hurt and not believingor belittling them when they confide in they were SA'ed or harassed, beaten must end. You cannot readon with the trash that d Read more

Posted Feb 7, 2023 01:02 by anonymous

I (M20) had sex with my close friend (M21). We had found each other on a gay hookup app and we decided that this being the second time it’s happened we might as well link. Some background, I’ve Read more

Posted Feb 7, 2023 01:01 by anonymous

whenever I focus or even think when i’m on my phone or doing hw or driving I slightly tense my forehead and it’s creating a more obvious vertical line in the middle of my forehead everyday. im sic Read more

Posted Feb 7, 2023 01:01 by anonymous

I hate sleeping because it means I end the night and have to deal with life tomorrow no matter how shiity I'm feeling or if I hate everything. I'm ashamed of myself because I ate chips today and I'm t Read more

Posted Feb 7, 2023 00:58 by anonymous

I did this at work and thought it was a bit funny and this happened yesterday. We have this new girl, she's a custodian and in her office she always leaves her purse and bag under her desk. She's only Read more

Posted Feb 7, 2023 00:58 by anonymous

last year i had a casual check up session w/ my gyno and she said i was perfectly healthy and everything looked fine. after march of last year it all went downhill to a point where i was almost throwi Read more


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