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Posted Mar 25, 2023 15:54 by anonymous

***Note:*** *I am not asking for any form of financial assistance per rule 3. Just venting\** Covid hit me hard. I had a great job making 60k as a retail buyer, a nice apartment, and saving money Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 15:52 by anonymous

i was abused growing up. emotional, physical, and verbal abuse mainly. i feel ashamed because i feel like i've gone through so much, nothing should phase me. people telling me i'm not worth anything t Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 15:40 by anonymous

tw// it's lolita, expect shit now, most people that have watched it might think it's because of the pedophilia and that humbert is a terrible person and lolita deserved better etc. well, for starter Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 15:38 by anonymous

Every day before I go anywhere I need to I always have to pick out a nice outfit, do my hair, and then do a full face of makeup. It’s exhausting but it’s the only way I could feel good, when I don Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 15:37 by anonymous

I’m 25. I’ve been through a few things. Struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse and still do. I wait tables for a living for the moment. I’m not sure I’m gonna make rent next month both becau Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 15:36 by anonymous

He had a new baby yesterday and I am not happy about it. He has not seen me in nine years. If you were to ask him he would say that he is a doting father and that I am his world and that my mum is a b Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 15:35 by anonymous

I'm 24 and the only reason I'm staying in touch with them is because I don't really see any tactical benefit in cutting ties with them; less drama just to keep them on the sidelines and visit them eve Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 15:35 by anonymous

I stumbled on this site by accident. Is this stuff for real? If it is the human race is doomed. Welcome to planet Earth! Populated by no hopers, weirdos, sexual deviants, and perverts. Kiddie fiddl Read more
We’re in different countries right now and she complained that I don’t stay in touch with my siblings enough even though I’ve loaned her money 3 times this week. I don’t even care about the mo Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 15:31 by anonymous

I've had a lot of issues growing up, and i never really started dating. i just knew I wasn't ready for it. well, I'm 20 now, and a virgin, and honestly it's just become a big deal. the men in my socia Read more


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