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In certain rare cases, children under the age of 8 (for females) or 9 (for males) tend to attain puberty. Such a condition is called Precocious puberty. It can be caused due to various reasons, such a Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 05:24 by anonymous

I have no clue how to even beging this. I don't feel like I belong anywhere and I feel like the world is becomming Stranger around me by the Minute. I am not Sure if I can ceep up my studiyng up to ev Read more
when something seems too good to be true, it always will matter how I try - men will never be free - only women will ever have full freedom and women of darker skin will. The goal of this expe Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 05:21 by anonymous

and the rest of us peasants have to apply for the shitty underpaid jobs that no one else wants to do bc all the luxury is for celebrities and millionaires. so whats the point in bothering then? we mig Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 05:17 by anonymous

We went to a small Christmas gathering with one of his co-workers. I am friends with the wife. She invited us and after asking my husband, texted her that we would be there. I get nervous meeting new Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 05:13 by anonymous

does it really matter if we dont achieve anything as we get older? none of it amounts to anything and all our effort is a complete waste bc someone else will be the star of the show and u will be irre Read more
My only worry is disease. The thought she could be pregnant to this sexy stud stranger is a turn on. He told her that he only left precum in her but Im hoping its enough. She asked me if I would stay Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 05:08 by anonymous

I’ve rewritten the title like 5 times before giving up. So uh, where do I begin. When I was 18, I was verbally (is it still verbal if it’s over Facebook text messages?) abusive to two people who Read more

Posted Dec 7, 2022 05:06 by anonymous

Okay hear me out. I do brush my teach sometimes just not regularly. It's become a bad habit and I know i need to try but I always forget or I remember right after or before I'm going to eat something Read more
he'd rather try to treat his ailments with coloidial silver and other natural "cures." he has been in and out of the hospital so many times and I'm scared he won't be around much longer if this keeps Read more


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