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Posted Aug 14, 2018 05:10:10 by anonymous

Cigarettes make my life better Read more

Posted Aug 14, 2018 05:09:37 by anonymous

Was rooting through my mom and dads dressers and end tables in their bedrrom the other day looking for some cash to get a case of beer...burried in the bottom of one of my moms drewers was 2 older les Read more

Posted Aug 14, 2018 04:10:20 by anonymous

I have seen an angel and her name is kaya kiyohara. Has god ever created anyone so beautiful, I would do anything to spend a night with her. Read more

Posted Aug 14, 2018 03:49:19 by anonymous

I'm in my twenties, skinny & willing to be trained into a whore. I want to be dominated in a rough manner, foced to fuck strangers, collared, gagged... What would you do to me? Read more

Posted Aug 14, 2018 03:47:38 by anonymous

After about two years of marriage to my first wife, my older sister was spending the night with us one weekend and saw my wife and I making love. After the lights were out, my wife and I began doing Read more

Posted Aug 14, 2018 03:26:28 by anonymous

some sales men came in to sell shit to my parents they can't afford and they were insulting us the whole time they were here. the furniture was shit, this was shit and that was shit. sure I wouldn Read more

Posted Aug 14, 2018 03:21:43 by anonymous

My dad thinks hes been having wet dreams about my dead mom for a while, but ive been fucking him while he was asleep and pretending to be her Read more

Posted Aug 14, 2018 03:14:50 by anonymous

any girls looking to Snapchat hit me up jfroman124 Read more

Posted Aug 14, 2018 03:13:19 by anonymous

When my niece was 4 and asleep I Would lick and suck her toes. Put my dick in her mouth. Please put my tongue in her mouth and pretended to make out her. My favorite was when she passed out in nothing Read more

Posted Aug 14, 2018 02:56:40 by rawconfession004 (not verified)

Is everything on this website about incest? Jesus Christ get help Read more

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