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Posted Apr 13, 2021 22:44 by anonymous

I've been trying to get my shit together recently, trying not to drink so much and cut back on my smoking.. Been throwing out job applications anywhere I think I'd feel comfortable working, since I ha Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 22:44 by anonymous

Yup. Been trying to get my bachelors degree on and off for 7 years. Had the most miserable time doing so. I’ve completed all my credits, just needed to raise my gpa to receive my diploma. With covid Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 22:40 by anonymous

Oh boy this has been on my chest for a long time. I’ve been inspired by the other underwear post to finally confess the disgusting things I did. Years ago when I was an early teen I would get way Read more
I asked my mom if I could have it when I was helping her go through the house. She said I could. I use it pretty much everywhere i go. My only exceptions are I don’t use the van accessible ones, or Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 22:39 by anonymous

last year in october my bf at the time was visiting me and we were having sex and i took a video of him sucking my dick. then we broke up the month after that because of distance. but i still jack off Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 22:39 by anonymous

There's something pushing on my mind and I don't know what. I know it's a memory, that's why I feel awful. It's sucking all my happy feelings away and making me more scared. I can't remember what happ Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 22:36 by anonymous

It’s been a week. I was grabbed aggressively the other day, the doctors just found a lump in my breast, and I just found out my parents stole several thousand dollars from me... which I can’t affo Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 22:31 by anonymous

I live with trauma. Yeah, PTSD, shell shock, whatever you wanna call it. Wanna know how it's like living with it? Well, it's just like a normal life, except you stop giving a crap about virtually ever Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 22:30 by anonymous

I always get up in the morning and had is in our daughter's bed with her. He tells me she wanted him or I was snoring and she us always on his lap and before I get home he gives her a bath. And Read more

Posted Apr 13, 2021 22:27 by anonymous

I've always felt ashamed for being Asian and small. I know I'm supposed to feel proud of who I am and confident, and all that but with all the stupid micro racism, I've felt so ashamed of the body an Read more


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