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Posted Oct 4, 2022 04:57 by anonymous

currently I'm going thorough a brutal burnout and I dont see any signs of it getting better, anyone out there who can give me tips or anything like that? thank you and have a good day:) Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 04:55 by anonymous

Honestly I’m in the worst depressive state of my life, and today I tried to run in the street to end if all. My partner stopped me. When we talked, I told him I felt miserable and didn’t know why. Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 04:47 by anonymous

​ To give a backstory my friends aunt is crazy she baby trapped my friends uncle and she is part of johovas wittness (idk how to spell it sorry) and they recently got into a divorce they have Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 04:46 by anonymous

I'm gonna be selling CP and Nudes of people and dropboxes, dm my Wickr at loverperson29 and Loverperson_29 on Telegram cashapp and Giftcards Only, NO Trading Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 04:42 by anonymous

I apologize for the randomness of this but it’s 3AM and I’m silent crying in bed and can’t sleep. For context, I am from Northwest Indiana and recently graduated from engineering school in Fli Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 04:39 by anonymous

I had went out hunting and I had spilled a whole bottle of deer pee all over me . I came down out of my tree stand to take a shit . When he came up behind me and before I knew it He umpped me and dro Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 04:38 by anonymous

I was bullied since school for being "too short for my age". I was mocked, ostracised and even beaten up by girls taller than me. Even to this day men of all heights will stare at me as if I was l Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 04:36 by anonymous

this is my second month in this new company. My manager asks everyone send her the email that we are gonna send no matter to clients or internal to her first before we hit send. Of course we comply Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 04:35 by anonymous

My relatives are going everywhere from Vegas to Disney to CA while I’m stuck at home trolling with my stuffed animals because my mom won’t let me go to NYC for Xmas just because I already had a va Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 04:30 by anonymous

I’m a tall girl. No I don’t mean 5’11 type shit. I’m way taller than that. And every time I’m out in public people stare. It’s annoying but It makes sense I guess. But the worst part of it Read more


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