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Posted Oct 4, 2022 01:01 by anonymous

It's exactly as the title says. When I was younger, probably like 10 or so, I had come back from a week at a friend's house and my mom had told me that she'd found a new job and it required her to. No Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 01:01 by anonymous

Tw: abuse, neglect, alcohol abuse, underage relationship Mom, you've done so much for me. But you also have done a lot of bad. A lot that's hurt me. I hope you can see that I was always trying to lo Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 00:57 by anonymous

I'm not a good looking person, I'm fat, have a diastema, weird hairs, not symmetrical face, and so on. Still if there's one thing I love about me, it's my boobs. I fucking love my boobs. They are the Read more
I (15m) have a friend who I have become friends with this year. We are both afab, but I am a trans guy and have been trying to look more like the man I am though a lot of the time I dont pass well. I Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 00:54 by anonymous

I have never been financially independent but at least I can change a tire. wink wink Jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 00:52 by anonymous

Malignant Narcs Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 00:52 by anonymous

and 1 of the pics showed my relatives at DISNEY WORLD. Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 00:52 by anonymous

My ex (29f) and myself (26m) had been together for the last 6 years. Our relationship wasn’t doing well in the last year in which she was very upset in our position in life and due to me just gettin Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 00:50 by anonymous

I had a beautiful relationship with a beautiful girlfriend and blew it all away because I don't know how to control myself. A girlfriend who was loyal, loved me for who I was, a mother like figure who Read more

Posted Oct 4, 2022 00:50 by anonymous

And I like it. When I was little he use to tell me shut up when I use to cry. So now I just become stone face and hold it in for daddy so he won't turn into a asshole aggressor. Read more


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