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Posted Jan 20, 2021 08:22 by anonymous

Last week I took a day off work to screw a much younger woman I’ve been talking to. It was an amazing day of booze and sex. I told myself it would be a one time thing, but now I’m not sure I won Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 08:21 by anonymous

Se like seein my dick wich i would site so she could see my heard dick and she would tolk to me were age could see it Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 08:17 by anonymous

So learned this legit an hour ago. If this is not the place feel free to tell me but jesus man. I don't talk feelings much, typical behaviour where I grew up but life's been pretty bad recently. No d Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 08:14 by anonymous

I would sometime put a per a shorts on no unerwer so my dick could ben seen and sometime my daughter 28 would see it and wolk away but she would come back and tolk to me and i would make sher she coul Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 08:13 by anonymous

Lately I have been feeling so frustrated with my partner for little things that he has done for no particular reasons. He is a nice person but somehow I cannot shake the feeling that I feel so frustra Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 08:13 by anonymous

I’m finally going to therapy! Today is my first session I’m quite nervous but I’m hopeful it’ll help my anxiety and overcome trauma. I’ve had therapy before but through Camhs (if you’re fr Read more
TLDR: Just like title says, As I grow older, I have become more and more intolerant to other people, friends, family, colleagues. I am barely 33, Happily Married with 2 kids, I can't stand it when Read more
I absolutely hate this one. It's like going to somebody who has lost an arm and telling them "Don't complain, somebody has lost both". And then going up to that person and telling that someone else wa Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 08:08 by anonymous

I know my son is turned on by his step mom and the way she dresses and teases him she wants it too. I keep trying to talk her into it and have even gotten my son to get in bed with her but only spooni Read more

Posted Jan 20, 2021 08:02 by anonymous

Every time I stop smoking weed I start dreaming every night and the dreams seem to always be about people from my childhood or adolescence. It's quite annoying because I don't enjoy seeing the same p Read more


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