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Posted Mar 25, 2023 16:52 by anonymous

Okay I was talking about this guy who was on Grindr and how he called me a cu€t when I was on call with my bestfriend and I who danced on a girl at the club i finally broke up with him Ik y’all ar Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 16:50 by anonymous

she keeps castigating me nonstop >:( >:( >:( Read more
You can only cry wolf so many times before people either stop caring or don't believe you anymore. Emily Grams you have no credibility, you're a god damn liar and drama starter, and anyone who actuall Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 16:50 by anonymous

He was 23 and had moved back home after college. He and I watched some porn together. Between his dad being away a lot, watching porn, drinking wine, him not having a girlfriend, me feeling like Read more
my friends and sisters have been having some personal issues lately, and i tend to be their lifeline. i probably spend about an hour to an hour and a half on the phone every day, talking to all of the Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 16:48 by anonymous

In February 2021 I met the woman of my dreams. Fast forward a year and I decided it was time to propose. I scoured the internet, looking at Blue Nile and JamesAllen. I started talking with several loc Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 16:48 by anonymous

Fiserv is in financial trouble and has had to delay HSA matches and bonuses because of it. Sadly, Frank the CEO has over $550 million in his pocket and continues to bilk associates out of their hard- Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 16:45 by anonymous

so i’m F20 and my coworker is M60. Backstory; he’s my ex best friends dad. it’s complicated. my ex best friend and i were friends since early elementary school. we spent the night with eachother Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 16:45 by anonymous

I feel like modern women are so stuck up. I’ve had so many instances where I tried to politely talk to a woman or introduce myself and she just gave me this look like I’m weird and she’s better Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 16:42 by anonymous

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to express how much I love and appreciate Big Chungus. This popular internet meme never fails to make me smile and brighten up my day. The character's go Read more


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