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I had a gut feeling I couldn't ignore, so for the first time in our relationship, I went snooping. Almost immediately, I found a photo album of his wedding. Him at the alter with this woman, him walki Read more

Posted Mar 4, 2021 03:13 by anonymous

Growing up we were always competed with e ah other but for me that was normal sibling rivalry. For him it became some kind of game that one day I “won.” To this day idk what I won. I just miss bei Read more

Posted Mar 4, 2021 03:13 by anonymous

I don't know what happened one minute I was angry cause i didn't want to go to my aunts house but my grandma forced me the next thing i know is that i put my aunts cat in the freezer and when i tried Read more

Posted Mar 4, 2021 03:09 by anonymous

I had a shitty childhood. My mother only allowed me to show happiness, and I was punished for feeling sad/angry. As you can see, I have issues with emotional regulation. She would always turn my negat Read more

Posted Mar 4, 2021 03:05 by anonymous

This might seem petty, but fuck people who do this shit. I'm just getting this off my chest because it's pretty out of the ordinary behaviour for me. It's nothing wildly exciting but had an impact on Read more
I am a 32 year old women and socializing has always been a job to me. I've had some close friends along the way but lately I can't help but think I am a terrible human being that people can't stand to Read more

Posted Mar 4, 2021 03:04 by anonymous

All I want is a connection to another good soul . Everything has been in my way recently and it would help a lot to have someone around me who shows appreciation for me . My whole life I’ve been bea Read more
My sleep has been inconsistent putting it lightly. For the past three weeks I think, I stay up for 24-48 hours and then when I do fall asleep I get stuck in bed for the next three or four days. Not ev Read more

Posted Mar 4, 2021 03:03 by anonymous

I still want you. I know loving you and wanting this way isn't right. I know that I should be a good wife but I want you so bad it is hard. You can punish me if you'd like. :) Read more

Posted Mar 4, 2021 03:02 by anonymous

Many of you know I collect Dr. Seuss. Yesterday would've been his 117th birthday. However, he died at the age of 87. "And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street" is a book I hold in high regard. Read more


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