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Posted Aug 13, 2018 19:06:40 by anonymous

I keep having a dream where I swap bodies with my sister who is much prettier than me and I fuck our dad Read more
My ex girlfriend in college was a committed abortion activist and wanted to have the experience of an Abortion so badly that she lied to me and told me she was taking her birth control when she was Read more

Posted Aug 13, 2018 19:02:53 by anonymous

Especially the ones who love cum, enjoy it rough and have daddy daughter fantasies. It's a shame though because whenever I meet one they have always dealt with some twit who doesn't understand Read more

Posted Aug 13, 2018 19:01:11 by Topshelf444 (not verified)

We make eyes at each other. Our attraction is mutual. I so do want to make love to her. Her husband is worthless. I am full of vigor and she know l have a great fondness for her. Read more

Posted Aug 13, 2018 19:00:55 by anonymous

That is putting it nicely. All Trump's supporters are thick redneck hillybilly's and lack a brain cell. They are all inbreed and cannot think for themselves. They mess in their clothes and dri Read more

Posted Aug 13, 2018 18:54:43 by anonymous

Years ago when I was a teenager and still in high school I was friends with a girl I really liked. Her parents were strict and the only time I got to see her was at school and on the bus. I always Read more

Posted Aug 13, 2018 18:41:55 by anonymous

Liberal men are the snowflakes that think "gender identity" is however you feel that day. Well, I'm feeling like a man. I'd love to grab a liberal's wife by the pussy. Plunge my finger in Read more

Posted Aug 13, 2018 18:32:41 by anonymous

she's 64 and I'm 54 were both good looking people and we've been flirting.I want to Fuck her so bad. Should I ? Read more

Posted Aug 13, 2018 18:28:05 by anonymous

I confess I prefer Asian females over American females because the American female is ruined by feminism. Asians are sweet kind and supportive but the American woman is combative and tries to be a ma Read more

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