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Posted Jul 15, 2020 01:53 by anonymous

I feel bad for her. I no longer live with her, but I wished she changed. She doesn't care about me or my family, manipulated, and abused my family. I don't really blame her, because her mother and oth Read more

Posted Jul 15, 2020 01:52 by anonymous

I’m 37 and the last one was 19. Got to love being financially successful. Read more
Selfish, idiotic people, why should medical staff be risking their own lives, running themselves ragged through the work they do and the stress it puts them under, when you cant even do the smallest o Read more
For reasons I'd rather not say, I can't speak with my girlfriend right now. And, much like the title states, I literally feel like I can't function without her. We're a sort-of long distance type of t Read more

Posted Jul 15, 2020 01:49 by anonymous

I hate my job. It’s destroying my soul. I didn’t take a holiday in 8 years before this role, and now I can’t get enough time away from it. It’s destroying my soul. And I hate that I feel like Read more

Posted Jul 15, 2020 01:48 by anonymous

My PS4 friend frantically texted me in the middle of the night, telling me to call my best friend and sending screenshots of the discord server we’re in of my best friend saying his goodbyes to ever Read more

Posted Jul 15, 2020 01:47 by anonymous

So we've been dating for a while now, over 2 years now and we did this really weird thing that I actually liked. I would consider myself very kinky and have a high sex drive. We were rooming at my col Read more

Posted Jul 15, 2020 01:46 by anonymous

Now let me add a disclaimer-I love sleeping in NICE hotel beds. Something about the smell and the sheets and the pillows and the absolute FREEZING temperatures of the rooms just give me good vibes. I Read more
I matched with him online, and we talked for a month. Our convos super funny and 80% of the time just innocent and fun. But sometimes, he can be savage and make jokes that are offensive and sexist, Read more

Posted Jul 15, 2020 01:41 by anonymous

I'm starting to overthink again. And now I'm in between 5 different topics without actually understanding what I'm even thinking. It's so damn hard to find the words to type this out, when my focus ke Read more


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