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Posted May 27, 2022 16:00 by anonymous

but Im too much of a coward Read more

Posted May 27, 2022 16:00 by anonymous

hey does anyone know that the john coffey person in the green mile is copying off Jesus Read more

Posted May 27, 2022 15:59 by anonymous

I want them imprisoned on charges of manslaughter. Now. Every single fucking one of them, that stood around like the fucking cowards they are, arresting and abusing parents trying to save their childr Read more

Posted May 27, 2022 15:59 by anonymous

Im F21 and I still live with my parents, I don’t know how to drive a car , I can’t go out by myself for long period of time, I can’t wear what I want, I can’t travel by myself or with my frien Read more

Posted May 27, 2022 15:58 by anonymous

Then when a few die everybody's like "it's so horrible! the children matter!" As if. I never see anybody with tears in their eyes when they say how "sad" it is....their voices don't Read more

Posted May 27, 2022 15:57 by anonymous

I can't stop thinking about my phobia and it's making me suicidal. I am a very healthy person and rarely have any health issues but I haven't gone to the doctor in 2 years, one because I hate doctor's Read more
We just argue, I feel like he will never understand my feelings. I feel that there is no empathy and despite spelling it out with these stupid “I” statements that my therapist told me to use, he s Read more

Posted May 27, 2022 15:56 by anonymous

I killed 5 cockroaches in the span of 30 minutes. They don't stop. Anything with a dark color I see on the floor now gives me a jump scare. Read more

Posted May 27, 2022 15:53 by anonymous

I think this might be a bit of a weird confession, but here goes. I don't really get thirsty. I do get dehydrated, and I know this because I will occasionally get dizzy standing up and drinking water Read more

Posted May 27, 2022 15:53 by anonymous

I know this isn't new, far from it, but I'm lonely, I'm not depressed, but I just wish someone would want to yk, be my SO, but something is bound to happen, just gotta not look like a weirdo I'm phys Read more


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If you are in need of help please contact people who care and please remember suicide is never the answer.

1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) - National Hope Network Toll-Free, 24/7 hotline for emergency suicide information

1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 24/7 free and confidential support for people in distress

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1-866-488-7386 - The Trevor HelpLine - Specializing in LGBTQ youth suicide prevention & help

Child Helpline International - International Child Helpline Network

RAINN - International Sexual Assault Helplines

Mental Health Europe - Helplines for Young People

1-800-388-3888 - Covenant House

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