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Posted Sep 24, 2018 21:02:57 by anonymous

I am a 25 year old woman with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic daily headaches, ulcerative colitis, depression, and anxiety. I live with my parents, I can’t drive, I’m obese, I don Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2018 20:59:45 by anonymous

Fuck you. Read more
I have a girlfriend that I’ve been dating for two years and I have a roommate. Those are my only friends in life. I sometimes come across people that I hit it off with and we hang out for a couple o Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2018 20:57:49 by anonymous

Being fat makes me shy and hate going out even to college And the fact i refuse to buy new clothes for that particular reason even for my current size And i am down to my last two t shirts and i rea Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2018 20:48:18 by anonymous

Juul just snuck up on me. On some days I literally go through a pod (aka a traditional pack of cigs) a day. I wake up and I need that first smooth drag. That quick puff on the way to class. That war Read more
I'm a Graphic Design student (22M) and last year I got a scholarship so I could go study Fine Arts abroad for one year. I came home in the end of June of this year and I was excited to start working s Read more
I was in a pretty big family movie as a kid around 3-10 years ago and now that's all anyone remembers me by. I want to continue acting because frankly I enjoy it, but it's hard for me to find roles an Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2018 20:46:13 by anonymous

I used to hit women... I have exes (several exes) and I used to emotional, mentally, and physically abuse them, and I don't feel bad about it at all. my last girlfriend finally got the balls to br Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2018 20:45:30 by anonymous

Just a thought. I was adopted from India when I was 2 and I make an effort to kind of stay in the know and enjoy news and like watching popular sports like cricket and such as a way to kind of “stay Read more

Posted Sep 24, 2018 20:42:16 by anonymous

im so sorry, I know im a horrible human being. I hit children, I work in a daycare. after their parents leave, I get myself set up..but these toddlers cause so much problems--so I hate to hit them (th Read more

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