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Posted Mar 25, 2023 14:25 by anonymous

hear me out. This jesus man was born thousands of years ago right? and how am i supposed to just trust he exists? there's no rock hard evidence of his existence. The bible was written hundreds of Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 14:24 by anonymous

Today is the day we break up—I feel it. You treat me like absolute scum and I told you so many times that treating me less than I deserve is going to push me away. Your actions have made me physical Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 14:24 by anonymous

I'm tired of the hole body shaming around circumcision status. Uncircumcised men are self-conscious AND circumcised men are self-conscious! I get it uncircumcised men are stereotype to be "dirty" but Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 14:23 by anonymous

It’s been 4 years and I haven’t told anyone about this. Four years ago I found out he locked himself in a bathroom with some girl at a party. I also found that he would go out as “friends” wit Read more
Using a TA for this. I (f) feel like an awful person. I just can’t seem to get passed this no matter how hard I try. I’m currently 27. When I was between 22-23 I went through the worst years of my Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 14:20 by anonymous

I feel like my memories and life are unreal. Thinking back at my old habits, daily routine, interactions with people, it feels as if it isn’t me. When I think of it it feels like I have a pit in my Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 14:20 by anonymous

Just a vent, really. Is it safe to say a long-term friendship is coming to an end if the other person never messages you first? not only that, if they're posting story type things frequently on variou Read more
It's been a rough few years. I tried to warn her over 3 years ago how manipulative it all seemed, how she's too old to have no say and should at least be involved in decisions on where her money goes. Read more

Posted Mar 25, 2023 14:16 by anonymous

I have really low self esteem so whenever I talk to someone I don't really know I have a soft voice and I have trouble being understood. I am trying to speak up but it seems whenever I am around someo Read more


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