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Posted Jan 24, 2022 19:55 by anonymous

I am crazy about my former boss. We developed a friendship that feels like there is so much more. We both tease each other and like each other. But she won't admit or explore the feelings. She has Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 19:55 by anonymous

They have actual pictures of girls asscracks. You can tell they are girls asses not guys asses. Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 19:53 by anonymous

We're both in relationships, I am married. But we spent an hour on the phone tonight. I haven't spoken to my husband about it and I don't know if I should. I am not worried about an affair because I Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 19:50 by anonymous

A few years ago, my daughter had her friend over the night before their senior prom (both 18). Daughter's friend had brought her dress and shoes with her, as they were going to get dressed to go to t Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 19:47 by anonymous

I've been with my partner for almost a year and it genuinely feels perfect. We were friends for years before we got together and we know each other so well but it's like every single day I find someth Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 19:45 by anonymous

I need someone to dirty talk with (no pics). gal, bisexual. A lot of kinks (no rape, bathroom stuff, or heavy degradation). open to any gender and age. 7-2-0 6-8-9 3-1-7-4 Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 19:44 by anonymous

Being a small business owner, small engine mechanic for last 8yrs or so I've gotten to were I hate the general public from a business point. People are to entitled and cheap to understand anything. Th Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 19:43 by anonymous

My boyfriend and I started dating in high-school, and have been together for 7 years now. We’ve been in what is a very loving relationship, but I can admit we had a lot of rocky patches and fights. Read more
tell me what’s the point in living when this is the case? When you have no one to go to? I have my best friend, thats it. But she likes me because I’m funny and a distraction, who wouldn’t, I m Read more

Posted Jan 24, 2022 19:42 by anonymous

I was with this girl, we were at my grandma's house for some reason. We were playing around on her bed. I go to touch her p'ussy cuz she's bottomless for some reason. She doesn't want me to go there b Read more


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