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Posted Jul 3, 2022 17:48 by anonymous

my first exposure to fetish porn was when i was maybe 6. my first exposure to truly explicit porn was when i was 12. it's taken me this long to realize (i'm 19 now, going on 20), but the trauma this e Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 17:47 by anonymous

Drives me up the *fucking wall.* Seriously. Is it that hard to say 'coded by girlhelpimdying'? It doesn't even have to be a big thing, just INCLUDE THE CREDIT don't act like it's YOUR CODE. Fuck this Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 17:46 by anonymous

Hello, I, 14F, am struggling quite a bit with my body. It started back in quarantine, where I started to gain weight due to being at home all day. That was also a time where my body started to chang Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 17:46 by anonymous

(M17)Today I went suit shopping, and I was in a low mood, me and my mom went round many different shops back and forth to pick the right clothes, as we wanted it to be perfect, it was a really hot day Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 17:45 by anonymous

I’ve posted here once a couple months ago about my best friend committing suicide. I’ve not been well since, though. I quit my job of 4 years recently due to management and how I felt I was being Read more
In 2018 me and my family moved to a new city and it was my first year in high school. I was very different from what i am now and i was kind of shy and closed. I met this girl, she was nothing special Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 17:42 by anonymous

My mind has been going crazy ever since this incident occurred and I feel so disgusted with myself. Straight to the point, me and my SO were having sex, missionary style. He asked me to grab his ball Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 17:42 by anonymous

Having a bad start coming to the new month. Both online and real life people are pushing me down back to my depressive state. Especially online where I'm getting harass by people who I block but still Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 17:42 by anonymous

Is so dumb ,when they were handing out brains ,he thought they said rains and hid is his basement . Really he wants to blame the gas stations now ? You can't get any dumb Read more

Posted Jul 3, 2022 17:41 by anonymous

Something I’ve been thinking about for a few days now is, why in our adulthood’s do we connect to what we had in our childhood. Why do we miss it so much? Sorry if it’s a dumb question, but I di Read more


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