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Posted Jul 12, 2020 14:14 by anonymous

It all started in grade 7, you know, the age where you NEED to use calculators for assignments. Before then, I was great at it. I was the best in my class. I even did it for fun. But as time went by, Read more

Posted Jul 12, 2020 14:12 by anonymous

I was good to u i was empathetic. I was a good girl. I loved life i saw the beauty in all things. I slept good knowing i helped people feel better. It turned out to be my down fall. I let myself fall Read more
Look, I love my family. I really do. But I don’t want to live with them anymore. Growing up in an Asian household, I was so excited for college so I could finally leave for most of the year. And the Read more

Posted Jul 12, 2020 14:08 by anonymous

I love and accept her so unconditionally but I know it's gotta,stop .. if we can't have a normal conversation or talk then please by a means be an asshole. Be horrible. Let me hear all th Read more

Posted Jul 12, 2020 14:08 by anonymous

I miss being hungry. I miss enjoying the taste of food. I can’t stand that I have the plead with myself to not throw food back up because my body is so starved of nutrition. I just want everything Read more

Posted Jul 12, 2020 14:02 by anonymous

I’ve always had very bad anxiety but recently everything has been building up and I can’t sleep or exist without a heart rate over 100. There’s, you know, a pandemic and systemic racism to worry Read more

Posted Jul 12, 2020 14:01 by anonymous

I am a 21 yo male virgin. I have downloaded hundreds of my hot college friends social media pics and I run them on a simulated cam on Omegle to make guys cum. Sometimes I tell them they are my friends Read more

Posted Jul 12, 2020 14:00 by anonymous

So i am a 22 year old guy who has always been insecure about my appearance. I do try to dress my best, look my best, im pretty tall (6ft), i dont smoke and i work out alot but i just hate my face Ive Read more

Posted Jul 12, 2020 13:58 by anonymous

. I know she is far from perfect, but I can't hold onto the thought she as a person (not just her behavior) is shit.. permanently on a pedestal....and to her im permanently nothing or shit.... Read more

Posted Jul 12, 2020 13:57 by anonymous

I folded 3 large buckets filled with cleaned socks today. Told dad I would do it all, he obliged and let me be, folding it all in my room. At first, I hated it, i regretted saying yes. But 10 minutes Read more


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