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Posted Aug 8, 2022 04:23 by anonymous

HI. I don't typically post on, well, anything. I typically just use social media for browsing, but I'm at a point where I just need to tell someone, anyone how I feel. I apologize if there are gramat Read more

Posted Aug 8, 2022 04:22 by anonymous

im 15 and for as long as i can remember my mom would give me a “clitty pinch” whenever i had misbehaved or spanked my pussy lips until it was all red and puffy and i dont know how to get her to st Read more

Posted Aug 8, 2022 04:19 by anonymous

Something happend that i now can’t get out of my head, just the image of it is horrific. So me and my boyfriend was cuddling and I touched his penis. I pressed my tongue on the top of his penis and Read more

Posted Aug 8, 2022 04:17 by anonymous

Hi, I'm a 40-year-old woman who lives with her husband and two children. This game VALORANT has ruined my life. My husband won't stop playing it, he doesn't take care of the kids, he doesn't eat, and Read more

Posted Aug 8, 2022 04:17 by anonymous

Hi I jsut want to ask something as I have been worrying for awhile now and I think I jsut need someone’s P.O.V. I’ll try keep this as short as poss. -I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 and a hal Read more

Posted Aug 8, 2022 04:14 by anonymous

i recently hung out with a friend of mine who reached out after months of not talking. i used to have a crush on her but she eventually got into a relationship. her girlfriend lives in europe and we b Read more

Posted Aug 8, 2022 04:13 by anonymous

My husband of nearly 6 years walked out on me during a stupid argument 4 days ago & I haven’t heard from him since. He’s left me before over 2 years ago & I suffer from real abandonment issues bec Read more

Posted Aug 8, 2022 04:13 by anonymous

I was in the room today as someone took their last breath. This was my first time. It was peaceful. I don’t see a struggle. I Heard the death rattle and I witnessed as the breath went from being reg Read more

Posted Aug 8, 2022 04:13 by anonymous

I, 13F has not had my period yet. Also, I DONT HAVE BOOBS NOOOOOOOOOO. It's really weird because every single girl in my class has "developed" in one way or another so it feels so weird being one of t Read more

Posted Aug 8, 2022 04:12 by anonymous

I(17M) had two relationships in my life, both were pretty terrible. The first one, I will call him N and he was my age, was my first boyfriend. We dated in 2020 for 6 months. During this time, he real Read more


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