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Posted Apr 14, 2021 01:33 by anonymous

Even when I was just a child, I kept trying everything.(Drawing, playing games, Writing stories etc.) I always suck at them. Now today, I still suck at everything. As a developer, I can't stand on m Read more

Posted Apr 14, 2021 01:33 by anonymous

So, I've gone through my fair bit of trauma and a good amount of it happened at school(s). I switched schools 6 times; I got completely isolated through rumors; etc. So now even if in this one I don't Read more

Posted Apr 14, 2021 01:30 by anonymous

My husband used to be a general manager at a restaurant & one of his former employees texted him the other day saying she missed him. We happened to be watching a video together on his phone when it h Read more

Posted Apr 14, 2021 01:30 by anonymous

Basically I literally cannot stop fantasizing about how my life would be if I never did XYZ (it’s always different random decisions i’ve made), I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember. Read more
I am considering asking a girl on a date and seeing what we think of each other meanwhile I am in a relationship. I already know I’m an asshole no need to remind me. However there is a serious lack Read more
The first time he cheated on me was THE WEEK before our wedding (I sadly didn’t find out about it until 4 week after the wedding). I was also 5 months pregnant at the time. The second time he cheate Read more
Title says it all, they managed to find my address and school. I was very stupid to put my first name as my username. They are contemplating whether they blackmail me for money or call my school with Read more

Posted Apr 14, 2021 01:22 by anonymous

I have my medical license and i smoke before and after work. My coworker claimed I came in high one day and instead of even having a conversation or warning me, snitched straight to my boss. My boss c Read more

Posted Apr 14, 2021 01:20 by anonymous

Being alone is far more peaceful than being with others. Even hearing people speak makes my head hurt. I love being left alone. No one to get in my way or cause me trouble. No unnecessary bs to cont Read more

Posted Apr 14, 2021 01:20 by anonymous

With the lockdown, we moved in with him. He is a very giving man as my husband still worked I got to spend a lot of time with his father. And in more than ones I have seen him getting out of the sho Read more


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