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YOU DONT HAVE TO READ IT: i have always loved her but she doesnt want to marry me, we will get married after 2 days. I cant wait to marry her.

Posted Mar 31, 2019 16:26 by anonymous
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  • Commented Mar 4, 2021 15:05 by anonymous

    You're a delusional evil retarded ugly shit. Leave her alone. You don't know anything about women. If you do end up marrying her (and what shithole are you in where she's being forced to marry you, saudi arabia?!) I hope she cut off your dick and kills you in your sleep. You deserve to get tortured to death. When a woman says no it means NO you retarded shit. You're literally a rapist too. Fuck you. Go kill yourself. I promise that the chances of that making her give a shit about you is more than you staying alive. And shove your money up yours. Nor those parents not you none of you deserve her. Go die now you ugly incel evil retard. And her reason for hating your guts is her own business. You don't even have the right to ask her why. Based on what shit coward you are, any sane person would hate you and wish you dead. Go drop dead now before bothering any one else.

  • Commented Mar 4, 2021 15:10 by anonymous

    If you don't want wasting your time this is the summary of this crap: delusions delusions ignorance egomania delusions hallucinations evilness cowardice bullshit delusions delusions narcissism abusive delusions ... . This loon literally don't know crap about anything and he rants claiming like he knows anything about women!! You old fart ugly geezer coot don't even know a thing about other people's feelings let alone a woman's. Smh you deserve to get raped and murdered in prison ... and I'll do you a favor and burst just one of your billions bubbles of hallucinations, no woman will ever like you or find you tolerable, deservedly so, inside or outside marriage. Schizophrenic hallucinating ugly coots like you are now elligible for euthanasia. Use that money you're spending on slavery on reserving a euthenasia apointment for yourself. Literally the only good thing you could ever do is you offing yourself

  • Commented Mar 4, 2021 15:17 by anonymous

    Hey original poster ... commit suicide. Thank you!


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