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What's wrong with me? How do I stop fantasizing?

Posted Jan 24, 2021 03:46 by anonymous
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  • Commented Jan 24, 2021 04:02 by anonymous

    The grass always look greener in the next field,
    The only trouble is you don’t know what damage that grass can do to your system.
    Do you think your husband wants someone else like you do, or is he happy with just you.
    Maybe you don’t love him like he does you and it’s time to let him find someone who truly loves him for him.
    You could’ve made a mistake by marrying someone you don’t really love and now it’s time to fix that mistake
    Marriage is an agreement that the 2 of you will fight the battles of life together and he obviously isn’t the one you want to do that with.
    Good luck in your decision but remember it’s not just yourself you will hurt if you leave,
    and if you chose to stay and not love him back then you life will feel meaningless in the end.
    I spent 11yrs with a woman who hand my child and we had 3 by the time we split, it destroyed my life when she told me she hadn’t loved me since our first child together.
    Now I’m glad to say we haven’t spoken in over 5yrs because our children are all in their twenties.
    I’m now remarried to a woman who I wouldn’t dream of cheating on because we do everything together.
    Sometimes you have to move on to find true love, it hasn’t been a flat road but we are still in love,

  • Commented Jan 24, 2021 04:09 by anonymous

    you are not going to be able to recreate romantic scenarios continuously WITH ANY FUCKING MAN IN THE WORLD!! I think thats the number one thing you need to understand...but really really realize it, accept it and understand man will want to create romantic scenarios with you for the rest of your marriage...really ....really accept that!

    Once you really understand that, then you have to understand that marriage WAS NEVER about finding a man who creates those scenarios with you so that you can be forever happy...thats not what marriage is and even if you find somebody who does would be STUPID for you to choose a husband based on THAT!

    I dont have the time or patience to explain to you what marriage is and the really important things that you must think about when you decide to commit to a marriage but I think you just dont have it, or dont understand it! and maybe you shouldnt be married AT ALL, you seem like a very immature person

    I write, Ive been writing my whole life, I fantasize A LOT but Im sorry Im also an adult I understand that is one part of my being, there is another part who is more practical and understand survival and how humanity works, Im married, my wife is the least imaginative person I can think of, yet I understand why shes is perfect for me, I dont need her to share my fantasies to make me happy, I appreciate her for everything else that she is but that

    As I said you sound like a very immature person


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