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Walked in on mother in law masterbating and wife doesn't know

Posted Oct 15, 2019 13:36 by anonymous
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  • Commented Nov 9, 2019 05:54 by anonymous

    Does your wife know that you do not know how to spell the word "Masturbate".

  • Commented Nov 11, 2019 06:31 by anonymous


  • Commented Nov 12, 2019 07:23 by Everythingwrong

    Nice, I walked in on my gfs mom masterbating in her lounge room. I walked right in and here she is with a toy in each hole going hard at it on the loungeroom floor watching porn. She instantly saw me and even made eye contact. The keys are on the table. Closed her eyes and started cumming. She was not quiet either. She squirted then sat up and says, um OK your still here. Totally gobsmacked I didn't know what to say. I was hard as a rock though and she could see that. So she offered me a seat and continues to rub her clit and finger she gushing wet pussy, she exploded and cum again. How embarrassing she says. Why I ask. Coz u are still here, well you didn't stop. No I didn't she says as she is still banging her self very intensely ans says well. Get your cock out or else I'm going to make your life hell and say that this never happened but I caught you watching me.
    So I pulled my cock out and stayed what about your daughter. She looked at me and swallowed my who cock. She swalled it so deep I tried to pull away but she held my hips and kept sucking I could not stop myself from cumming down her throat.
    She sat me down and told me to watch her masterbate. So I did and got hard again instantly. I sat there watching her while I pulled my cock. I asked her, how??
    What the fuck is happening. How is this possible. I can't do tdis I love your daughter. This is wrong, wrong is the best she says..

    I used to get raped every day and night by my father. All my life she says. Fom a very little girl till I was a teenager. It was brutal but it makes me horny every time I think about it. This is all wrong, but it feels so good to me. So I asked her straight out that I knew she used to let her brother molester and rape her own daughter.
    My question is did you used to get off over it coz if she did we could really make this into something. We got off over role-playing her daughter being raped by her brother.
    We both kept masterbating even though I only cum once we played and talked all night.
    She said we would do this again, and relive her brother and her daughter but she told me once we were finished that she lied about everything and that no one would believe me.
    I begged her but she said if I ever even bring this up she would have me locked up and wou tell her daughter that I tried to rape and blackmail her but I was the one being black mailed.
    She still uses it against me till this day.
    We only ever done this once but she used to threaten me with it and try make me do what she says. But I don't back down. Yep it was wrong very wrong but it happened and I don't regret it in any way with the way it all went down. So now I want to go and rape her in her sleep while her daughter my gf watches.
    I also want to watch my gf fuck her uncle in front of me, that would be so absolutely amazing

  • Commented Nov 13, 2019 06:31 by anonymous

    Evidently you do not know how to spell the word "Masturbating". No "E" in the middle of it. Dumbass troll.

  • Commented Nov 13, 2019 07:12 by anonymous

    “Comment Removed”

    We know what you are, it's why we have nothing but contempt for your Democrat existence.

  • Commented Nov 13, 2019 07:13 by anonymous

    “Evidently you do not know how to spell the word "Masturbating". No "E" in the middle of it. Dumbass troll. ”

    Found the arrogant shallow nigger Democrat.

  • Commented Feb 4, 2020 12:07 by anonymous

    “Found the arrogant shallow nigger Democrat.”

    And you're the stupid honky, cracker, pecker wood. Almost forgot, WHITE TRASH nobody. LOL LOL LOL You do suck dick very well though.


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