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Today I found out that my 7 year old son has a 3 year old half brother

Posted Jul 11, 2019 15:21 by anonymous
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  • Commented Oct 26, 2019 15:29 by anonymous

    You are OK to have all these feeligns, even to feel the feelings and judgments you have are OK or Not OK. Regardless, You are OK.
    Sometimes things don't make sense until they do, and your attitude is nothing to be proud of until it is.
    No need to add negative self judgment to the mix.
    Give it time, and remember, even if you don't feel that way yet, everybody deserves forgiveness and love, yet only the repentant who have proven they are committed to change deserve to be considered to be on the road towards renewed trust.

  • Commented Jan 3, 2020 04:21 by anonymous

    you should concentrate on being happy with your son, and stop worrying about his family. Otherwise it will drag you down and you won’t make it……..

  • Commented Jan 3, 2020 05:31 by anonymous

    Most men have half kids some don't know about it especially if they fucked alot of prostitutes

  • Commented Nov 3, 2022 06:31 by anonymous

    Honestly the pain of finding out your dad has another family as a child is a real mind fuck…..I’m 19 now but I guess as a child I always knew he had another family. My mum tried to hide it from me but I heard what other adults and family members were saying behind her back, it wasn’t until I was 7 did I actually acknowledge that I had older half sisters(1 being born a year before me). It’s was really heartbreaking. I used to think it wasn’t fair that they got to spend all their time with our dad and yet I couldn’t even get a simple phone call on my birthday…. It also didn’t help with the fact that I knew the only reason he called was so he could get a booty call from my mother.

    People gave my mum so much shit for not following our cultural customs and having me out of wedlock to a married man that I used imagine that if I died people wouldn’t be so hard on my mum anymore. I’ve never told my mum that I thought of dying as child cause I know that would break her heart but for me just knowing that my dad had another family he was more committed to made me wish I was never born.

    Now that I’m older ive been told more details about how things went down with my mum being fresh out of highschool and my dad already in his thirties and married to him continuously stepping out on his wife and not being able to handle consequences(me) even though his wife made an effort to help my mum with my needs when I was younger.

    When I think of it now, my dad was/is a coward who can’t face his wrongdoings and that’s why he’s always avoided bringing me to meet my siblings and getting to know my family and heritage on his side. It’s embarrassing cause I swear every Tongan in Auckland either knows him or has heard of him and his scammer ways, always stealing peoples money and avoiding taxes.

    In conclusion I understand your feelings of not wanting your child to feel like they werent good enough, but I think that whether they find out now or later they will still feel that way once they know the truth. One thing I ask is that they find out from you and not others cause that can cause damage that you might not see…. And when you do tell them just be there with them as they process what you’ve said no matter how long it takes cause even now that I’m legally an adult I still feel the rejection of my dad not being there


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